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CTSS CPA 3A3 lucas (14)

No description

Tan lucas

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of CTSS CPA 3A3 lucas (14)

Computer and Productivity A processor is a part of the computer
that follows instruction and carries out
actions. It is like the " brain " of a computer automation occurs when machines are used to carry out a process or an
activity with minimum human effort or supervision Computer are used to perform many
functions that used to be done by peoeple.
An example is the job of the bank teller. Publishing and print Industries publishing is the actvity of
putting information in the public arena. ( eg. newspaper,books) printing is part of publishing. It is an
industrial process for the production
of text and images with ink on paper
using a printing press. benefits of using a robot is robot works faster and they are accurate and consistent. Computer used in the airports computers are used in airport
to enforce security, for examplea : identify suspicious travellers instantly using face recognition technology computers are used to test the amount of air tarffic that the airport can handle based on airspace capacities. workers do not have to be exposed
to coditions that are dangerous or
harmful to their health robots does not have a mind of their
of own computers can be used at home to entertain
children like playing games.
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