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My name is Eric Brown. This Prezis is a look into me and my

No description

Eric Brown

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of My name is Eric Brown. This Prezis is a look into me and my

Mr. Brown Got Science Down!
My name is Eric Brown. This Prezis is a look into me and my life as a teacher for the Pasadena Independent School District and for the Pasadena Virtual School.
Mi Casa
I currently live in Houston, TX. I live only about 2mins away from work, which is great. I hate long commutes, and I hate Houston drivers.
Well, all my family lives in Angleton, TX. It's about an hour south of Houston. Although my last name is Brown (my grandfather on my Dad's side is a Brown), my family is mostly German. My grandmother on my Dad's side was a Von Stahl, and my mother's maiden name was Warschak. I have two older brothers. One is an attorney, and the other a computer programer. I have three neices and two nephews. I am a dog person, but currently don't have any animals.
Where I Grew Up
Simply put....Angleton. My entire family is there. I was born and raised there and lived there my entire life until I moved to Pearland 9 years ago and now Houston.
High School Experience
My experience was interesting. If you can believe this, I was a shy wall flower type person for the first two years of high school. However, something happened between the summer of my sophomore and junior year that made me come out of my shell. I ended up being the life of the party and all of sudden was in the popular crowd. I still have that same personality today.
Teaching Areas
I am a Science 8-12 Composite teacher, which means I can teach any science in those grade levels. I was focused on health science by teaching medical microbiology and pathophysiology as a senior science elective.
Virtual Courses
For PVS I currently teach Astronomy, Biology (which I am proud to say I created), and soon to be Chemistry.
Experience Cont.
I always made straight "A's" in high school. Unlike what I see today, I don't remember my high school days being full of drama. Everyone was laid back and we actually enjoyed going to school. We didn't have discipline issues, partly because you would get "pops" from the principal. I am only 34, but they still gave pops when I was in school. Kids didn't mess up like they do now. There are no real repercussions for bad behavior.
I am a professional classical musician outside of work. I am the principal tubist for the Houston Symphonic Band. I am also on the board of directors in charge of web design, publicity, and public relations. Out side of that, I love to swim, play volleyball, go bowling, travel, go to movies, go out to eat, go dancing, and hang out with my friends.
Current Job
Although I thought medical sciences at Dobie High School, I am now an Instructional Specialist for the Alternative Certification Program here in Pasadena. I am following in the footsteps of my good friend Angela Kennedy, who happens to have been the specialist assigned to me when I went through the program.
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