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Management and Organization (dhiraagu presentation)

Group assignment

Habeyzz Aiham

on 23 April 2016

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Transcript of Management and Organization (dhiraagu presentation)

Copyright © Diploma in Business Sem 3, All Rights Reserved
Our evaluation
Two theories are applied to Dhiraagu planning
Traditional goal setting theory
Management by organization (MBO)
Dhiraagu was formed in 1988
First telecommunication service provider
Established as a joint venture between the government and CWC
Dhiraagu offer a comprehensive range of mobile, fixed, broadband, and data service
There are more than 350000 customers and over 650 employees
Values: Dhiraagu have adopted a system of values that continuously represent the reference point for what they stand for.
Values of Dhiraagu
Vision and Mission
How Dhiraagu Makes Plans!
Consider if it is beneficial to both customer and organization
Do analysis like SWOT
Make sure it does not conflict with mission and vision
Performance is review through “Dhiraagu employee’s performance appraisal”
Analysis and issues of the company (Dhiraagu)
Diversity refers to the variety of differences between people

The main types of diversity in Dhiraagu based on our evaluations

Our Suggestion
Increase the employee’s involvement, or say when making strategic plans
Organizing is an arrangement of business activities and building coordination among these activities
Organizational structure
Work/job specialization
Span of control/Chain of demand
Decision making
Dhiraagu is having a mixture of functional and regional departmentalization
Dhiraagu is applying work specialization, each employee is having a different job task with different roles
Dhiraagu is maintaining a narrow span of control
Dhiraagu is having more of a decentralized decision making approach
Dhiraagu is having a high formalization
Organizational culture of Dhiraagu
A system of shared meanings and common beliefs held by organizational members
Dhiraagu is having a very friendly, motivated and an effective and a hardworking work force
Dhiraagu is having a mixture of role culture and task culture
Role culture: Having highly defined organizational structure
Task culture: Teams are formed in departments to perform difficult tasks.
Organizational Design of Dhiraagu
The organizational design of Dhiraagu is a mixture of bureaucracy, and team structure
Team structure
Our Evaluations
Traditional (Functional design) and contemporary design of team structure
Leading Means Inspiring
Dhiraagu Leadership
Dhiraagu is having a highly qualified and capable, well experienced executive management leadership team
Seven traits model
Drive, the desire to lead, honesty and integrity, self-confidence, intelligence, job-relevant knowledge, and extraversion
Leadership Qualities (The executive team and senior management)
Well Educated with high qualifications
Behavioral Theories
These two theories fit Dhiraagu most
Behavioral Theories (Behavioral style stated by university of lowa)

Dhiraagu involves subordinates, delegate authority and encourage participation and innovation
PGM States that the leader’s job is to assist his or her followers in attaining their goals and to provide direction to ensure their goals are compatible with organizational goals
Path Goal theory is the theory that fits the leadership of Dhiraagu most perfectly
Directive leaderSupportive leaderParticipative leaderAchievement oriented leaderIn Dhiraagu both environment contingency factor and subordinate contingency factor affect manager’s leadership style
Motivation is the process by which a person’s efforts are energized, directed, and sustained towards attaining a goal
Main importance and priority of Dhiraagu is to create a motivated workforce
The main things done in Dhiraagu to motivate their employees
Dhiraagu Apprenticeship ProgramStaff benefits
Employer benefits at Dhiraagu
Leave Benefits
Medical Benefits
Career Advancement
Training and Development
Recognition Awards with Acknowledgment and Appreciation
Recreational Club
Events for Staff and families
Product Discounts and Credit Schemes
Some factors that motivate employers
.Appreciation or recognition for a job well done
.Job security
.Interesting work
.Career advancement opportunities
Our evaluation
For some extent Dhiraagu practices Goal setting theory
Make goals that are specific and difficult to achieve
It increase the commitment of the employees of dhiraagu
Give regular feedback is given to the employees
Process of monitoring, evaluating and correcting activities
Types of monitoring and evaluation techniques used in Dhiraagu!
Annual performance review
Annual report
Employee’s performance appraisal
Control system of Dhiraagu is a mixture of market, clan and bureaucracy
Decisions of control highly depends on the competition of the market
Uses rules regulations, procedure and policies
Some times based on their norms, beliefs and culture
Employees: The productivity of the employees is the main source to measure organizational performance
Annual reports: States the financial position of the business and how dominative they are on the market
Customers responses and view
Organizational performance control tools used in dhiraagu
3 organizational performance control tools (free forward, concurrent and feedback) are used in Dhiraagu
Dhiraagu is a company fully based and concentrated on communication.
Internal communication
Interconnected telephone network
Video conferencing and teleconferencing (meetings)
Non formal communication (grapevine)
External Communication
Annual repot
Face to face (front desk)
The corporate social responsibility of Dhiraagu is based on responsibly grounded business decision making
Dhiraagu recognises the country’s fragile environment and gives importance to sustainable development.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Key aspects of Dhiraagu’s CSR programme include:
- Positive contribution to the social and economic development of the community.
- Respect for the culture, values and human rights throughout our operation
- Encourage and nurture best practices in our activities
- Contribute towards protecting the environment
Conclusion/ Recommendation
Major current issue faced by Dhiraagu

According to Dhiraagu employees, Dhiraagu use different motivation techniques to office staff and technicians
Equity theory
By using this theory management inform employees that what they get is due to what they do in business. To prove this a ratio is used that is
•Equity is calculated by outcome divided by inputs that equals output divide by inputs.
•In underpaid equity outcome divided by input is greater than output divided by inputs
•In over payment equity outcome by input is greater than output divided by inputs.
Presentation presented by:
Sharif Ibrahim Nizam (Misty)
Ahmed Shaahu (Shaatey)
Ahmed Areesh (Vector)
Nashwan Abdulla (Chompi)
Ashfaq Ali (Dhagey)
Vision: Enrich lives through digital services.
Mission: To lead the market through excellence in quality, value and customer service.
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