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WGTC - Ben Hill-Irwin Campus

No description

Lydia Hubert

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of WGTC - Ben Hill-Irwin Campus

It's time...
Fitzgerald, Georgia
Ben Hill-Irwin Campus
Ben Hill, Irwin and Wilcox County Snapshot
Number of Companies Served - 68
Economic Development
Total Training Hours Delivered - 56,837
(Continuing Education and Contract Training)
GED Preparation Testing
Adult Education
60 BH students earned GED in FY12
51 BH students earned GED in FY13
Adult Literacy
357 BH students served in FY12
373 BH students served in FY13
Allied Health
Business Education
Professional Services
Technical and Industrial
Credit Instruction
Associate Degrees

Ben Hill County Schools
Irwin County Schools
Communities in School
Civic Clubs
Relay for Life
Kids Camps
Certified Literate Community Program
Community Involvement
Cosmetology students provided manicures for Ben Hill Middle School students as an award from administrators.
Accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Student Focused
Wiregrass Foundation North
Ben Hill
2013-4 Cohort Graduation Rate - 83.5%
Percentage of adults over 25 with high school credentials (2008-2012 census) - 75.4%

2013-4 Cohort Graduation Rate - 66.7%
Percentage of adults over 25 with high school credentials (2008-2012 census)-77.2%
Business Administrative Technology
Crime Scene Investigation
Criminal Justice Technology
Networking Specialist
Automotive Fundamentals
Automotive Technology
Business Administrative Technology
Early Childhood Care and Education
Industrial Systems Technology
Networking Specialist
Practical Nursing
Telecommunications & Security Technology
Welding & Joining Technology
20 Technical Certificates
Since 1970
2014- Awarded $43,368
in Scholarships!
scholarship for students
special tuition assistance for students of commercial truck driving (limited HOPE grant coverage)
equipment and supplies for programs
support for GOAL nominees and finalist
program expansions
support for business-education partnership meetings
textbook assistance for students
transportation for students
63 Irwin students served in FY12
65 Irwin students served in FY13
22 Irwin students earned GED in FY12
21 Irwin students earned GED in FY13
Ben Hill County
Population 17,634
Irwin County
Population 9,538
Ben Hill Labor Force
Work Force - 5,339
Employed - 4,887
Unemployed - 452
Unemployment Rate - 8.5%
Irwin County Labor Force
Work Force - 3,156
Employed - 2,898
Unemployed - 258
Unemployment Rate - 8.2%
Ben Hill-Irwin Campus
Wilcox County Labor Force
Population - 9,255
Labor Force - 2,815
Employment - 2,626
Unemployed - 189
Unemployment Rate - 6.7%
109 Wilcox students earned GED in FY12
73 Wilcox students earned GED in FY13
45 Wilcox students served in FY12 and FY13

2013-4 Cohort Graduation Rate - 65.3%
Wilcox County
Financial Aid
Federal Pell Grant
HOPE Grant
HOPE Scholarship
Veterans' Programs
Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
Wirgrass Foundation Scholarships
Work Study Program
FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant)
Student Loans
At Wiregrass... everyone WINS!
Students get an education
The workforce gets additional skilled labor
The community gets the benefit of an educated workforce AND economic growth in their community.
A College for Everyone...
Day Classes
Online Classes
Evening Classes
Paying Out of Pocket?
Payment Plan Option
Early Childhood Care and Education
Evening Classes Offered:

Automotive...Welding...Industrial Systems Technology
...Barbering, and core courses
Percentage of adults over 25 with high school credentials (2008-2012 census) - 74.5%
Student Resources
Free tutoring
Free Career Guidance
Study skills
Mathematics lab
Basic Computer Skills Training
Lunch & Learn
Special Populations
Single parents
Economically disadvantaged
Single pregnant women
Displaced homemakers
Students with disabilities
Students with limited English proficiency
Students enrolled in nontraditional programs
Services for students with disabilities
Student activities
Counseling referral services
Career services
Criminal Justice Technology
High School Students
Wiregrass Georgia Collegiate Fellowship Organization (WGCF)
National Technical Honor Society (NTHS)
Student Government Association (SGA)
Student Veterans of America Club (SVA)
Student Organizations
Dual Enrollment
ACCEL program
Join Enrollment
Move on When Ready
Samples of training we offer
Child Care Provider Cont. Education
Basic Computer Skills
Crane Operator
Blue Card Level 1A Certification
CE for Electricians and Contractors
Customer Service Skills
CPR/First Aid/AED
Custodial Training
Drivers Education
High School Leadership Camp
Telephone Etiquette
Leadership Academy
Mircosoft Applications
PLC/Advanced Automation
OSHA Training
Lean/Six Sigma
ROPES Teambuilding
Private Computer Training
Forklift Operator
Earn college credit while in high school!
Number of Students Served - 3,981
Industrial Systems Technology
Telecommunications and Security Technology
Agriculture Technology
December 2015
December 2015
December 2015
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