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Using Optimal Resume

Walkthrough of Tools - Best in Full Screen

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Transcript of Using Optimal Resume

Using Optimal Resume Step by Step Tutorial of Services This tutorial assumes you have already created an account with Optimal Resume

If you have not, please visit and create your account at http://www.wmich.optimalresume.com Please Note: If you have an account, please click next! This is the real "homepage" after you log-in After Logging In:
Go to the Document Center Within the Document Center:
You have access to all these services
When you have worked on a item, it will be saved under "Manage your (service)
If not, Create New!
If you want to come back to this screen, select "Document Center" not "Home" What Does the Document Center Do? How to get the information you want! Navigating this Tutorial This tutorial focuses on the Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview tools
If you have a section you want specifically, click on the section header and hit the next arrow to navigate through the section
Or, you can click the next arrow now to be navigated through the whole tutorial You come to this screen After You Have Named Your Interview Or You can Upload Naming your Resume Go Ahead and Create a Resume Ideally, you should name your resume "LastNameFirstName_Resume"

You can upload a current resume, however, you can not edit it. Browse by Section or by Samples Selecting some Guidance Simply Section Headers Browse by Section Sets A Little Extra Guidance Browse by Samples Sorted by Colleges
Allows you to insert suggested section headers
There is no additional content added to your resume Sorted by Colleges
Allows Users to find a sample resume similar to their program or major
Duplicates the information so you have something to model your resume after I am still Exploring! What if I don't have a Major? In Section Sets, there is in every college the "Basic Undergraduate"
In Samples, there is a Category "First Resume" which houses the "General Resume Format" For this Tutorial The General Resume Format from the Section Samples was selected to explain the rest of the Resume feature But first print a copy! Time to Edit! Is here to help you! The Side Bar Documents Sections Tools The How To's Editing Your Resume Add, Delete, and Create Sections that best represents you! Simple functions to make your resume look the way you want it!
Style Resume - Change the overall appearance through font size and style customization
Format Header - Change information in your header (Name, Contact Info, etc.)
Spell Check
Show History - Captures the progress you have made on your resume This is the command center for the section of your resume
Delete sections with the trashcan
Add extra experiences within each section
Add sections to your resume Also, you can reorder all content! Access information, examples, tutorials all geared toward helping you create your resume
They do not replace Career and Student Employment Services, but are a substitute for when you can't visit the Career Zone If you want to edit a section, double click what you want to edit (We chose the Education Section) You can not move on without saving This opens a window for you to make the changes you want to make Remember, it is your Resume! Utilizing the Toolbar When You Are Finished Making Your Resume This toolbar at the top of the resume builder has a wide variety of resources! What Each Tool Does For You! Tools on the Toolbar Rename your Resume Make a copy of your Resume for Each Employer Submit for Review (Currently Disabled) Let Employers See Your Resume
(Use BroncoJOBS instead) Download Word Doc, PDF, or HTML Formats of your Resume Share a link to your resume with professors, employers, or career staff Use this to make sure you are in the proper page limit Create task lists to keep you on track to making your resume Switch between resumes Make a copy of your Resume to edit for each employer Go ahead and Create a Letter Go ahead and Create an Interview Browse by Type or by Samples Selecting some Guidance Simply Section Headers Browse by Letter Type A Little Extra Guidance Browse by Samples Select from a list of letter types based on purpose
Inserts basic content into your letter
There is no additional content added to your letter View different samples, each with a different purpose
Allows you to find a sample similar to your purpose
Duplicates the information so you have something to model your letter after Very Similar to the Letter Builder Cover Letter Builder as a Whole The Cover Letter Builder uses the same protocols as the Resume Builder
This Cover Letter Tutorial will show some things that can be done in both Cover Letter and Resume
It will also show what is different
Go ahead and name your cover letter "LastNameFirstName_Letter" Choose this to follow with the tutorial Editing your Cover Letter Time To Edit Similar Tools As Resume Builder, Except they are for Cover Letters It is crucial to have this information about the hiring person when you write your Cover Letter Go ahead and double click on this section
We are going to take a look specifically at the examples you can use
If you are comfortable writing a letter, go ahead and write! Applies to both Resumes and Cover Letters Using Examples Select Type of letter you are writing
Select which Paragraph you would like to see examples for
If you like an example, click and it will copy into your letter This process of seeing examples of different content is available in both Cover Letters and Resumes You are ready to start writing! And there you have it! Don't Forget to Save

When you are finished with your cover letter, you are able to do the same things as a resume (Clone, Download, Share, etc.) We are going to look at each option! Who is going to ask you the questions? Select Interviewer Does not appear for Written or No Recording Options
If you do not care, select random
This is the person that asks you the question, similar to a real interview What kind of interview do you want to practice? Interview Type There are over 900 questions divided up among these categories
Choose the category that you want to practice
If you want to select a variety of questions from each of these categories, choose "Build Your Own" After a quick test of the equipment Video and Audio Recording Play the question, then when you are ready, hit record
Get advice from your coach by clicking play on his screen
Choose a different question from the list at the bottom of the screen, or by selecting next question
The written portion has the coach to help you as well and areas to write your answers! How many questions? How do you want to interview? Length and Format Choose from 1 question to 20+ questions to make your interview
Choose the format based on the technology you have (Video needs webcam, audio needs mic)
Written provides text boxes to write your answer out
No recording simply gives you a list of questions You can share just like Cover Letters and Resumes! Need Help with the Content? Come Visit Career and Student Employment Services! Main Campus - Career Zone
Monday - Friday
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Ellsworth Hall
Call our Office for other opportunities to meet our Staff! (269) 387-2745 Thank you for visiting this Tutorial!
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