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The Second Continental Congress

No description

Synergy Consulting

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of The Second Continental Congress

What is the Second Continental Congress?
The Second Continental Congress was a meeting that was held on May 10,1775 in Philadelphia between delegates from the 13 colonies.
It had ended in 1781 when the articles of confederation were ratified.
It had started Warfare in the Revolutionary War.
The Second Continental Congress
An accomplishment of the congress was they set up the Continental army. They made George Washington the commander of the army.
Also the Congress wrote the Olive Branch Petition to King George the III. The Olive Branch Petition asked King George to repeal the Intolerable Acts and it declared their loyalty.
Making France an ally to the Americans.
Making a Money printing machine.
What was the main aim or goal of the congress?
The main aim of the Second Continental Congress was to act as a government of the Thirteen colonies.
A goal of the Second Continental Congress was to have a process to make fair decisions for the people and the army.
Georgia didn't send a delegate to the Second Continental Congress.
John Hancock was the President of the Congress.
There were fifty delegates that attended the meeting.
Notable delegates are Samuel Adams, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.
Led to the Revolution.
Philadelphia was chosen as the location of the Continental Congress because the Boston Harbor was closed.
Interesting Video
What led up to the Second Continental Congress?
The Battles of Lexington and Concord led to the Second Continental Congress because they made the colonists realize they were stronger then imagined.
Also the Intolerable Acts led the colonists to react and oppose which created the First Continental Congress.
What accomplishments were achieved by the Second Continental Congress?
Essential Questions
How did the events at Lexington and Concord lead to the Second Continental Congress?
Why was Philadelphia chosen as the site of the First and Second Continental Congress?
What was the purpose or goals of the Congress?
What was the main aim of the Second Continental Congress?
What accomplishments did the Congress achieve?
Interesting Facts
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