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Coca-Cola World Cup 2010 Proposal

Proposal for the 2010 Coca-Cola World Cup marketing campaign.

Todd Wells

on 16 May 2010

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Transcript of Coca-Cola World Cup 2010 Proposal

2010 Coca-Cola World Cup Proposal

Mike Gleason William Turner Todd Wells Who will be there?

Marketing Objective

Activation Plan

Your team wins, you win too!
TV Commercials before & during the World Cup

Promote relationship between Coca-Cola and FIFA

International soccer stars endorse
Powerade Zero
South Africa - World of Coke

Ultimate International Taste Experience

$125 million - FIFA Contract
$50 million - television advertisements
$7.5 million - World of Coke
$5 million - FIFA free coke promotion
Total Budget - $187.50 million
Overall ROI

Revenue (t) - Revenue (a*t-1...3)
Marketing Cost for World Cup
World of Coke Campaign ROI

Gate Revenue/Cost of World of Coke

Budget is $7.5 Million

Coke Scores ROI

ROI = (B*R)/C

B = participants who received coupons
R = revenue generated from each coupon
C = total cost of the free Cokes given away

Budget is $5 Million
Commercial Advertisement ROI
The effectiveness of this campaign will be calculated by measuring the equivalent marketing value received through World Cup viewership (e.g. Joyce Julius & Associates Ratings) less the cost of the advertisement.
The World Cup

How do teams get there? Why do fans go?
The Perfect Match

long term relationship

worldwide popularity

mutualistic What is it all about? WINNING FIFA Champion Coca-Cola Branding Powerade Zero as the
drink of winners You can win with zero, Powerade Zero Lose the calories, win with taste 400,000 internationals

300,000 cross border Africans

85,000 South Africans Families

majority males < 50 yrs Who will be watching?

2006 24.2 billion in home
2.1 billion out of home More than 400 channels

Expected viewership

Asia (China)


World's largest sporting event

World's largest beverage company Sponsor the World Cup, FIFA
and further support the sport of football

Promote the Coca-Cola Brand

Feature Powerade Zero

Increase awareness of Coca-Cola's
relationship with the World Cup.
Sponsorship Rights Exclusive rights to non-alcoholic beverages

Branding on non-alcoholic cups (Powerade Zero)

Branding/Signage outside and inside of stadium including on the field

Advertising through all media types

Use of all FIFA logos and trademarks

Promotions - fifafreecoke.com

Internal broadcast mentions and promotions In-Game

2010 FIFA World Cup, brought to you by Powerade Zero

You can win with Zero, Powerade Zero

The winner of today's game is ________

You can win with Zero, Powerade Zero Pre-World Cup Advertisements

Online registration

Gain Useful Marketing Data

Focus on Powerade Zero Free Powerade Zero coupon
in every program Reach large & diverse consumers

Focus on children

Onsite events

Focus on Powerade Zero We thank you for your time and
the opportunity to speak with you today. Apollo
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