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Descriptive Language

No description

Richelle Brown

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Descriptive Language

By Richelle Brown Enhancing
Descriptive Language Using purposeful word choice by the author that brings images to life for the reader. * Use specific adjectives (describing a noun).

Instead of: Look at the cat.
Try: Look at the old, matted cat.

* Use specific adverbs (describing verbs).

Instead of: The cat slumped to the floor.
Try: The cat slumped listlessly to the floor.

* Use a thesaurus to help find interesting, colorful and vivid words. Use adjectives and adverbs. Take the sentences below and add colorful and
vivid words.

1. The girl ate some cake.

2. The boy walked his dog.

3. The baby was crying.

4. It was snowing outside. What is Descriptive Language Your Turn Colorful and Vivid Words Use 5 Senses Sight: including colors, shapes, sizes
(green, red, , square, round, large, small)
Sound: including types and volume
(rattling, scraping, blowing, loud, soft)
Smell: including scents and strengths
(putrid, sweet, foul, pungent, strong, faint)
Taste: including flavors and strengths
(sweet, sour, spicy, bland, strong, weak)
Touch: including textures and temperatures
(smooth, rough, soft, hard, cool, hot)
Emotions: (happy, ecstatic, lonely, beautiful, ugly) Example Your Turn Where is your quiet plae? Quick Write: Take 10 minutes and write about your quiet place. Use descriptive words. Remember to use colorful, vivid adjectives and adverbs. Don't forget to use the senses to help your reader picture your quiet place.

We will share in our author's circle at the end.
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