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what role did compromise play in delaying the civil war?

american history

nicholas miller

on 12 February 2011

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Transcript of what role did compromise play in delaying the civil war?

what role did compromise play in delaying the civil war? All of this took time between 1820 to 1860. The missouri compromise, brought to congress by a man named "Henrey Clay". It was to keep an equal amount of slave states & free states. It delayed the civil for a few decades. My thesis: Why wait to fight this war, when you know it'll come. Compromise of 1850 The USA has expanded to the Pacific ocean. California wanted to enter as a free state, which ment Arizona & New Mexico were left to be slave states. Many southerns where mad. U.S. Treasury paid Texas’s debts acquired from before it became a state, totalling ten million dollars. Last land we got from Mexico was Texas, and it was in Mexico's territory. 1854: Kansas-Nebraska Act Stephen A. Douglas, the man responsible for getting the Compromise of 1850 passed through the Senate, opened up the slavery debate again. When California became a state, they wanted to connect the East & West. this could not be accomplished until lands west of Iowa and Missouri were settled. He proposed that the lands west were to be organized into 2 territories. Because of the location, according to the Missouri Compromise these 2 new states would have to be a free state. Southerns were mad about this & objected. Douglas proposed to do away with the Missouri Compromise and allow the people decide on weither it would be a free state or a slave state. Overall this act was passed. Slavery A major thing in this time period with slavery would be the Dred Scott Case. It went all the way to the sepreme court. the story goes that, he went to into Illinois, a free state and Wisconsin, a free territory. Then taken back into Missouri, which was a slave state. He sued with the help of the abolitionists, saying he was a free man. Popular sovereignty This word mean, all the political views and decisions should come from the people of state, not government. Back in the 1820's-1860's, the people would use "popular sovereignty" to come to terms on if it's a slave state or free state. Slaves were property, not citizens, so Scott didn't have the right to sue.
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