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Less Talk, More Walk: Creating a Culture of Accountability

Breakout workshop for the 2014 OATFACS Conference

Josh Davies

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Less Talk, More Walk: Creating a Culture of Accountability

Less Talk
More Walk

Determine the Impact
Creating a Culture of Ethics and Accountability
Determine the Impact

Discover the Causes

Deliver Results
Having Shared Definitions
What do you mean?
Live honestly and have integrity with every decision you make. Refuse to rationalize bad decisions.
Personal Responsibility
Passion for Excellence
"Our associates took personal accountability for the hotel's results, both good and bad."
- Mike Case, General Manager
As a Manager
Vision + Discernment
Impact on Employees
Authentic Brands?
Understand Your Customer
Culture of Mistrust
Slippery Slope
Scarcity Mentality
The principles of conduct governing an individual or group
The nation's only institution focusing on the research and advancement of work ethic.
What is

48 percent
of employed Americans will look for a new employer because of a
lack of trust
Executives believe that a
lack of trust
is the reason for
of all voluntary turnover
top two
reasons employees are fired is because of a
lack of integrity
in their behavior or resume
45 percent of workers have witnessed ethical misconduct at work
13 percent feel pressured to break the rules at work
Almost half of companies have "Weak Ethics Cultures"
Ethical Continuum
Refuse to Rationalize
Saran Wrap Yourself
Seek Out Collaboration
Reward Process
Stop Enabling Unethical Behavior
Macro Manage
Remove the Grey
Establish Red Rules, Define Blue Rules
Use 360-Degree Feedback
Josh Davies
Center for Work Ethic Development
Discover the Causes
Ethical Lapses
Impact on Organizations
National Impact
Public sector employees commit
10 percent
of all national fraud
The average median loss is
Completely Right
Completely Wrong
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