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Teora Alonso's

No description

misanthro psycho

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Teora Alonso's

-more progressive than the Family of Franciso Mercado

-produced professionals (lawyers, priests, engineers & government officials)
Teodora Alonso's
Family Tree
Eugenio Ochoa
Regina Ochoa
Manuel de Quintos
Lorenzo Alberto Alonso
Brigida de Quintos
Manuel Alonso
Juan Alonso
Gregorio Alonso
Teodora Alonso
-Jose Rizal's great great grandfather from his mother's side.

-He is from a Japanese Ancestry.

-He is the Husband of Benigna Ochoa and the Father of Jose Ochoa, Diega Ochoa, Luseria Ochoa and Regina Ursua.
A book lover.
Jose Rizal, call him as Tio Gregorio.
Jose learned the value of hard work, careful observation of life, as well as independent thinking.
Through him, Jose likewise became interested in the printed page.
Influence him in reading good books

the sorrows of his family

the unjust society he lives in, the death of Gomburza

The Divine providence that blessed him with gifts of a genius, a spirit of a nationalist and heart of sacrifice for a noble cause.

Benigna (surname unknown) is the great great grandmother of Jose Rizal. There weren't much details recorded from her past, only that she was the daughter of Estanislao Manuel Ochoa, the wife of Eugenio Ochoa (of Japanese ancestry), and was the mother of Jose Ochoa, Diega Ochoa, Luseria Ochoa, and Regina Ochoa.

-Daughter of Manuel Cailianco de Quintos, II and Regina Ursua

-Wife of Lorenzo Alberto Florentina Alonso

-Mother of Teodora de Quintos Alonso; Narcisa de Quintos Alonso;Gregorio de Quintos Alonzo; Manuel de Quintos Alonzo and Jose de Quintos Alonzo

Died 1856

Manuel de Quintos was an attorney of Manila, graduated from Santo Tomas University, whose family were Chinese mestizos of Pangasinan. Thelawyer's father, of the same name, had been municipal captain of Lingayan, and an uncle was leader of the Chinese mestizos in a protest they had made against the arbitrariness of their provincial governor. This petition for redress of grievances is preserved in the Supreme Court
archives with "Joaquin de Quintos" well and boldly written at the head of the complainants' names, evidence of a culture and a courage that were equally uncommon in those days. Complaints under Spanish rule, no matter how well founded, meant trouble for the complainants; we must not forget that it was a vastly different thing from signing petitions or adhering to resolutions nowadays. Then the signers risked certainly great annoyance, sometimes imprisonment, and not infrequently death.

Manuel de Quintos Alonzo Realonda, a man of physical stature and strength, taught his nephew Jose Rizal the importance of well-being through outdoor activity. He influenced the young hero to visit the outdoors, do long walks with his pet black dog, Usman, and go horseback riding with his horse, Castaño.
Jose de Quintos Alonzo Realonda was schooled in Calcutta, India. As Jose Rizal's paternal uncle, he was the young hero's inspiration in sketching, painting and sculpture. Aside from arts, he is also a mathematician.
Lorenzo Alberto Florentina Alonzo was believed to be a descendant of Lakandula, a Bornean Moslem (as traced by Mr. Luther Parker in his study of the Pampangan migration from oral histories).

Lorenzo was educated as a surveyor. He was wealthy, and had considerable investments in American Manila shipping firms of Peele, Hubbell & Co. and Russell, Sturgis & Co. He served as the municipal captain of Biñan in 1824.
The family story is that he became acquainted with Brigida de Quintos, his future wife, while he was a student in Manila, and that she, being unusually well educated for a girl of those days, helped him with his mathematics. Their acquaintance apparently arose through relationship, both being connected with the Reyes family. All of their children were born in Manila, but lived in Calamba. They used the name Alonzo, until the implementation of the Claveria decree in 1850 when, the family adopted the surname Realond
Teodora Morales Alonso Realonda y Quintos

-(Nov. 9, 1827 - Aug. 16, 1911)

-Spanish - Japanese Ancestry

-Born @: Sta. Cruz, Manila, Died @: Binondo, Manila

-Formal education: Colegio de Santa Rosa (Manila)

-well-educated, highly cultured, had knowledge in literature and mathematics, dreamer, had a strong character, disciplinarian,religious

-an illegitimate child

-mother of Jose Rizal

-wife of Francisco Mercado

-resided in Calamba(after marriage): agriculture & businesses

-prisoned for 2 & a half years

-made to walk 50 km. to Sta. Cruz Laguna

-1891 - joined Rizal at Hongkong

-was offered a lifetime pension

-witnessed declaration of the Rizal monument

-2 years took milk

-inspiration of Rizal to take up medicine

-Regina Ursua Ochoa

-Japanese ancestry

-wife of Manuel de Quintos

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