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The Future Of China

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cormac curran

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of The Future Of China

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In 2006 the chinese emporer said that without technology China woul be unable to hold its place in
the world powers. In recent years the Chinese technology industry has rapidly advanced. The best technology in schools is in Shanghai
Chinese cars

The chinese car industry
produce s more than the European, American and Japanese
combined. It is the fastest growing car industry in the world. Before 1992 the Chinese car industry only preduced 100 thousand cars a year it now preduces over 23 million cars. Some big car companies have had there cars copied by cinese companies.
The Future Of China

I picked the future of China because China is one of the fastest growing countries in the world.
Curruntley China has the highest population of any country. India is set to pass China out. Chinas population is decreasing due to th one child rule. Indias population is increasing rapidly and will pass out China as the highest populated country in the near future
Only one in 500 of Chinas biggest cities meets the criteria of the international health organisation. Chinas leaders have acknoleged the problem of pollution but at the moment the
is still getting worse. China is set
to turn away from factories so the issue is set to get better.

Chinas Government
China curruntley has a communist government. Alot of students have protested against the government.
Not many young people in China support the communist government.
In the future the Chinese communist
government will have low support and might be forced to change to
a democratic government.
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