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Copy of Copy of SPARK PE Curriculum

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on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of SPARK PE Curriculum

Physical Education at HES/FMC
Different Ways Teachers Schedule PE Time
PE Enrichment - 3rd - 55 minutes & 4th/5th - 75 minutes per week

SPARK/Nutrition Enrichment - 25-45 minutes per week

Yoga Enrichment - 75 minutes

Zumba with Ms. Shamim's class - 60 minutes

Teachers take their classes out for PE during various times of the day for 20-35 minutes at a time.
Types of PE Activities
SPARK lessons/games
In a binder and simply pull out a lesson, copy it, place it on a clipboard, and take it to class.
Relay races
Tetherball & Handball
Tag games
Walking laps around the school
Stretching activities
Jump Ropes
Various games - Red Light Green Light, Steal the Bacon,
Freeze Tag,
Frisbee Practice
Jumping Rope
Mr. Huffman's PE Enrichment
We love PE!
Physical Education
K-5 teachers teach 200 P.E. minutes every 10 days.

Teachers are not only teaching physical education activities, but we are leading discussions about fitness, sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork.

I'm going to highlight what we do at Fitch Mountain.
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