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SWOT Analysis

No description

Lorenz Acke

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis
Makro Machelen

Well known brand name and store concept
Strategic and accessible location
Makro Card generates huge customer knowledge
Very long opening hours
=> 07:15 - 20:00 / 21:00

Large parking and parking space/vehicle
Separate and easy accessible outdoor/DIY-store
=> Variety of outdoor gear and tools
Low-Cost complementary facilities
=> Restaurant (+ free Wi-Fi, separate Metro parking)
=> Gas station

Help desk problems
=> unattended desks, long queue time
=> lack of specific product related information
<= e-learning and trainings
Lack of helpful shop floor employees
=> little guidance feeling
<= training and goal-oriented recruitment
Loss of exclusivity due to fully accessible shops
Only french commercials through the intercom
Hard to keep shop floor tidy due to scale
No central entrance or separate check outs (Non)-Food
=> no quick shopping
Companies want to be part of the One-Stop-Shop concept
=> better deal negotiation
E-shopping is the future; web shop
<= Making the web shop up-to-date
Revising the scale of packaging
=> trademark of Makro Company
<= balance bundling and individual packaging
Revival of the old Makro day care center
=> Going back to the roots
<= Creates store differentiation

The Netherlands
Leading wholesaler
Food (fresh & dry) and Non-Food
Extensive product range
Competitive prices
Customers from all socio-economic segments
Modern wholesale concept (Niche)
Emphasis on food + complementary Non-Food
Product range to stimulate customers competitiveness
Innovative services and professional consulting
Only professional customers => (Restaurants, Hotels, Caterers,...)
Priorities on food
and product
for an attractive price!
Loss of shopping charm due to scale
=> redirection towards individualization
=> full parking lot is not attractive
Strong online retail competition
=> Cool Blue, Campus Shop, Zalando, Groupon
Space planning could lead to confusion
=> tables in garden, camping, desk section
Low margin from manufacturer as compared to traditional channels
Decline in sales due to conjectural changes
=> Restructuring leading to image damage

Well considered space planning
=> Combinations: tent, sleeping-bag, foldaway table, cool box
=> Promotion boxes near central corridor (+ invite)
Clear shop layout and directions + large shelf space
Large variety and visibility of house brands
=> Aro, Rioba, Sigma, Fine Life
Extended A-level brand portfolio
=> Esselte, Kärcher,Philips, Coca-Cola...
Action on the shop floor
=> Product demonstrations, live cooking...
Several help desks and bilingual staff
Large purchase quantities
<= bundling versus individual
After sales service troubles
Incomplete and inaccurate web shop
=> several goods out of stock
=> errors (?)
Stock supplies during the opening hours
=> fork-lift truck rolling around
=> blocked corridors
=> trash containers in the shop
<= night or after closing time refill
New more modern image and shop experience
<= Ongoing reorganization
<= More use of social media
<= The green image and sustainability
<= Digitalization of card control at entrance
Parking for restaurant visitors
=> Parking for Metro Customers
<= Parking for restaurant-only visitors
Relocate/ duplicate the tools area in the DIY-location
=> Wood in DIY versus screws and paint in Makro
<= Higher frequency of professionals
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