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The Road to War...

Lend Lease Act, Atlantic Charter, US Involvement

Matthew Lummel

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Road to War...

WARM UP What was the U.S.'s policy at the start of WWII? Why? ISOLATION
NEUTRALITY They were already stuck in the Great Depression... it wasn't their problem. THE WORLD IS FALLING
APART! Japanese militarism emphasized conquering new lands. Japan Invades China In 1931, Japan takes northern China, a part that is rich in resources. KRISTALLNACHT The "Night of Broken Glass" Each red dot is a Jewish
temple that was burned down. Lightening War BLITZ KRIEG A series of fast attacks, aimed at keeping your enemy on the defensive. Japan Bombs Pearl Harbor, Hawaii The U.S. enters into WWII, now that it's been attacked. But, Japan isn't satisfied with this...
They want to make sure that the Chinese know who's in charge. The Rape of Nanking Japan attacks the Chinese city of Nanking, killing 300,000 and brutally raping 20,000 women over 6 weeks. Children are murdered... Men, Women, Children, the Elderly, Soldiers, and Civilians The Japanese forces slaughtered and brutalized anyone they found. No one was saved. The Japanese soldiers tortured monks, forced families to rape one another at gunpoint, and
bayonetted pregnant women. Basically, it was the worst horror movie you've ever seen... but real. This is the first organized persecution of Jews JAPAN ITALY GERMANY AXIS POWERS Not Pictured...
Country now under Nazi management FRANCE ENGLAND U.S.A. SOVIET UNION ALLIED POWERS Tomorrow, we'll talk about propaganda, and the message that Captain America is trying to send you... 1941: Started by F.D.R. so that the U.S. could give war supplies to its Allies. This let the U.S. help in the war without risking its soldiers. Neutrality Acts 1936 The U.S. can't sell weapons to any nation that is at war because it doesn't want to look like it's choosing sides. Now... take a look at the reading and provide a description for each of the 3 positions listed. 1941
An agreement between England and the U.S. which guaranteed Self-Determination after the war. Communist Party The Gov't is in total control of the economy...
(The U.S. doesn't like this, but we could use some friends to help us out with Hitler...) In just a few weeks, the Nazi Blitzkrieg has taken over most of France
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