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Isabel Walker

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Eco-Systems

What happened to the fish?

By Charlotte, Isabel, Kira and Sarah

Rain & Fertilizer
Manny Bract (the landscaper) placed the fertiliser onto the golf course on the 30th of June
Because there was so many Algae, the ate so much phosphate, in fact they ate it all! Once all the phosphate was gone all the algae started to die because the had nothing to eat. Less phosphate and nitrogen = less algae
Where did the algae go?
More chlorophyl in the water
More algae?
So the algae is dead, now what?
More bacteria
The bacteria decompose the dead algae which increases their population
How do they decompose dead matter?
Dead Matter
This oxygen is dissolved oxygen in the water
What affects the levels of dissolved oxygen?
- Amount of turbidity
- Amount of sunlight for
- Amount of wind
-Amount of organisms
in the pond
- Amount of bacteria decomposing
What happened on the
High Cloud coverage
No wind
Lots of Bacteria
What does this result in?
Less Dissolved Oxygen
Who needs Oxygen?
All living Organisms
Therefore a decrease in oxygen resulted in the extinction of two species in the pond
Which Species did the affect ?
Largemouth Bass
How did that affect other species in the area?
More heron
They ate the dead fish and their population increased
They weren't being eaten by the other fish (preditors)
More Minnows
Thanks for

Later that week, unfortunately it rained causing the nutrients and phosphate to run off into the pond
Our hypothesis

Because of the increased nutrients and phosphates in the pond, the Algae population increased because of food supply increase.
When first starting our investigation, each of us created a hypothesis and now we are going to investigate and see if we were right!
- My hypothesis is that the fertiliser ran into the run off water, and then the fish ate it and died not long after from poisoning
- My hypothesis is that the town is dumping sewage into the pond and then fish ate in and died
- My hypothesis is that the fish died because another organisum was eating them
- My hypothesis is that that someone left the trash out, then it rained and it went into the lake
Was our hypothesis supported or refuted?
Everyone's hypothesis was refuted but in the end we did learn a lot from this experience!
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