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Guide dogs

Specialist project

Taylor Shortng

on 16 June 2011

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Transcript of Guide dogs

Guide Dogs Breeds Process Standards Interesting facts Pointers Buddy was the first guide dog ever Guide dogs work about seven years before they retire Most guide dogs are either labrators,retrievers or german sheperds it depends where you go to get a guide dog for the price Do not approach an unfamiliar dog Next year, my focus will be boxer dogs Must be a good candidate for training Must be able to take constant pressure Guide dog must respond to commands Must be able to jump over obsticles and barriers that are high Must respond to both voice and hand commands A popular breed is a yellow lab German shepherds are also used Labradors retreivers are the most popular The first part of the puppy process is done with dog breeder Basic commands are then taugt ( sit stand stay) Then brought to training center to work with professionals Graded by other instructors Then meets the person that they will serve You should not touch a guide dog because that cause's them to loose focus This year my focus was guide dogs
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