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The language instinct debate

No description

Pamela Deramond

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of The language instinct debate

Steven Pinker v/s Geoffrey Sampson The language instinct debate Steven Pinker Geoffrey Sampson DISAGREE
*1944, Broxbourne, Herts

* Professor of Natural Language Computing

.*2005, "The language instinct, debate" Language instinct? Speed
of language
acquisition Age-dependence Poverty of data Language
universals Agree
1954, Montreal, Canadá
Linguist, Author, Cognitive Scientist, and Experimental psychologist
1994, "The Language Instinct " Empiricism
*Culture, not Instinct

"The message of my book
is that there is
no “language instinct”. "The Language instinct, Debate" What is instinct? "The way people or animals naturally
react or behave, without having
to think or learn about it " Nativism
Language is innate
Built in the body /brain

Language : faculty/instinct
Linguistics universal Geoffrey Sampson. "The Language Instinct " Nature/ Nurture
Genes/Culture Pinker v/s Sampson - Constanza Pinto
-Pamela Carranza The language is :
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