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S.C.A.M.P.E.R: Home Edition

No description

Jill Storey

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of S.C.A.M.P.E.R: Home Edition

Common Household Problems
...In The Bedroom
....In The Laundry Room
In The Living Room
....In The Kitchen
Other Household Problems
Accumulating dust = dust-sucking floors
Clogging vacuums = adapt American Standard no-clog technology
Drafty windows = new design
Thin walls = noise-absorbent fabric placed like wall paper
Window blinds are hard to open = different blinds/curtains
Freezing washers
Freezing pipes = freeze-proof pipes
Dryer is a fire hazard
Excessive dust from dryer
Residue build-up from laundry detergents
Couch stains = stain-proof couch
Surround sound tends to be unevenly distributed throughout a room = customizable system to fit room dimensions
Pet damage (claws, urine) = pet-proof or repelling couch
Losing things in couch cushions
Gross/difficult to clean under couch = easy-cleaning design
Hard to fit many guests in small houses = fold-out furniture (like Murphy beds)
Too far to walk to make popcorn/get drinks = arms-reach microwave/fridge
Household pests = pest-proof/repellant home
Not enough room in the fridge = buy an existing, better fridge
Dishwasher wastes a lot of water = minimal water design, recycle water
No quick way to cool food =V-Tex microwave, currently very expensive
Food expires unnoticed = new existing fridges register expiry data and notify
Shelves/cabinets are TOO HIGH = adapt vending machine design and technology to select and lower objects
Sink clogs easily on food = thinner drainage holes
Garbage can smells bad = adapt Poo-Pourri to bags
Hard to turn on tap when hands are dirty/soapy = existing sensor taps
No safe way to smoke indoors = decided against enabling unhealthy habit
Heat escapes through thin walls = new home design
Carpet gets dirty too quickly = stain/dirt proof carpet
Hard to find a portable phone in a house at times = install Public Address (PA)-phone hybrid system
Our Chosen Problem
The Couch - for the myriad of possibilities it holds

Memory-foam rather than normal foam
Metal frame under the cushions to prevent sagging of the couch
Curved, hard plastic rim under and around the cushions for easy cleaning (as opposed to how dirt and crumbs etc gets into annoyingly difficult to clean corners)
Slightly crescent-shaped couch
Couch and a futon combination
Couch and bookshelf combination
Couch and desk combination?
Fold-out desk
Couch and mini-fridge/microwave combination
Citrus scent (which cats hate #clawproofing)
Being able to change the scent of the couch somehow to your preference
Lighting system that produces soft lighting at the corners (with on/off switch)
Hidden wheels for when you need to move the couch
Lumbar cushions
Massage chair
Fire proof
Touch screen tech in arm rest (remote functions) (inclusive of TV guide)
Speakers in the couch
Couch treated with non-staining fabric
Tyvek technology (that untearable material used on (most notably) envelopes and those club-entry “paper” wristbands) for claw-proofing
Faux leather
Thicker, puncture/cat claw proof
Feliway Technology
Different covers (thick, easy-clean, tyvec technology)
Couch with a fold-down cup holder and food-tray
Sleek fabric under cushions so its easy to wipe-away debris
Seat heater
Removable seats (easier cleaning) - and if you can separate say a three-section couch into literally 3 chairs, its easier to move
Adjustable height
Retractable armrests in middle
Fold-down, (almost-as-comfortable-as-the-cushions) armrests. There can be some sort of lock-unlock mechanism for the two natural armrests so tall people can lie down or you don’t have a full house of guests causing people to sit on armrests (Cheaper than additional furniture/sofa bed)
Tiltable backrests (for back comfort)
Circular couch
Ellipse couch
Put to Other Uses
Storage unit
Family dinner table
Work area
Changing table
Laundry Station
for ironing,sorting, folding, etc
Eliminating the heaviness of couches, removing the extra bulk to make it light and moveable
Eliminating dangerous chemicals
Couch that folds out from the floor
Couch that can be connected with other couch segments allowing it to be made bigger or smaller as needed
Being able to detach the back side of the couch and put it to the other side
Features to be determined:





Retained Materials:
Memory Foam
Sleek Fabric Covering the Body of the Couch
Safe Production Chemicals
Multiple Couch Covers
Durable, Pet friendly
Faux Leather
Magnetic Strip

Retained Frame Elements:
Steel sag-proof frame
Wheels (with “stoppers”)
Allowance for storage space
Retained Shape:
Boxy Crescent
Retained Technologies:
Charging pad on armrest(s)
Removable touch screen remote (placed on charging pad)
Seat heaters
Retained Configuration Features:
Couch that contains a mini fridge
Couch with fold-down food tray/drink holder
Retractable armrest
Couch segments
Optional lumbar support back pillow
Reclining backrest
Rejected Materials:
Tyvek Technologies
Rejected Frame Elements:
Aluminum frame
Plastic rim around cushions
Rejected Shape:
Circular Crescent
Circular Shape
Ellipse Couch
Rejected Technologies:
Massage chair
Citrus scent (for claw proofing as cats hate scent)
Scented couch (for pleasure and as air freshener), with scented-options
Rejected Configuration Features:
Couch that can contain a microwave
Reversible lumbar back pillow
Tiltable backrest
Adjustable height
Couch that can fold out like a futon
Couch that is also a bookshelf
Couch that can become a desk
Couch that can become a changing table
Couch that can become a playpen
Couch that can become a flat table for folding laundry
Charging Pads
Fold-Down Arm Rests
Under-Cushion Storage
Speakers Positioned on either side of the Headrest
Final Product
Thick Memory Foam Pads
Backrest reclines
Different Configurations
By Jacquie George, Jessica Goddard, Maya Kihiu, Jill Storey, and Veronica Wu
S.C.A.M.P.E.R: Home Edition
Wheels are hidden under the segments
Couch segments Separate

Clogging sinks = adapt American Standard no clog technology
Clogging toilets = American Standard Champion line of toilets
Freezing pipes and no hot water = freeze proof pipes
Improper ventilation leaves bathroom steamy and promotes mold growth = more effective design with limited increase on utility costs
Toilets are gross to clean = self-cleaning toilets
...In The Bathroom
Remote sits on charging pad
Recliners Here
Seat Heaters in the Seat
coffee table
Boxy Crescent Shape
Steel Frame Prevents Sagging
Forms into comfortable bed
Kayne, R., and O. Wallace. "What Is Ripstop Fabric?" <i>WiseGeek</i>. Conjecture Corporation. Web.
7 Mar. 2015. &lt;http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-ripstop-fabric.htm&gt;.

"Young Learners Rooms in a House 2 of 2."
<i>Ciao Bambini</i>. Web. 7 Mar. 2015. &lt;http://www.ciaomaestra.com/2011/05/young-learners-rooms-in-house-2-of-2.html&gt;.
Target Audience - Families
While various sorts of families exist, we chose to focus on those consisting of parents aged mid-twenties to fifties, are of middle or upper socioeconomic status, with children and pets in their medium to large homes.

These families - particularly their children - spend hours watching movies and television series, often whilst enjoying meals.
Furthermore, the family or its' individual members often entertain friends and family, be it with food, games, or dancing to name a few. These guest sometimes sleep over.
Due to the high demands of coordinating an entire family and home, not much time is spent cleaning, even with aforementioned objects constantly moving back and forth between the living room and increasingly limited storage space.

Psychographics (Attitudes
and Aspirations)
Families value spending time together, and parents want to relax after a long day at work. They also look to maintain warm and inviting homes, and being able to ‘change things up’ with minimal hassle. As a result, these families also look to keep up with the latest mainstream technology, particularly in entertainment and convenience-living to match their fast-paced lives. Furthermore, many of today’s families in Canada are environmentally conscious in their purchasing decisions.
How the features were evaluated?

Meets needs of target audience
Features compatible with each other

Hidden Mini Fridge Under Cushion
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