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on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of IOWA

IOWA by:Jaylen Johnson
Fun Facts
2.State tree is the Oak
Iowa has more than 90,000 farms that sells crops,vegeis,and other things like that.
the governer is Terry Brandstand and there are 4 u.s representatives 2republicans and 2 democrats.
Iowa is famous for rolling hills and some of the richest topsoil in the United States.
geography location
this is the rolling hills of Iowa
1.stae bird is Eastern Goldfinch
3.State college basketball team is Iowa Hawkeyes
4.state rock is geode
5.population is 3,074,186
6.state flower is the wild rose
7.state song is song of Iowa
8.in 2010 governer Terry Brand was elected governer
9.there are 50 state senetors
10.there are 99 counties
Economic location
zenios restsraunt
political location
the capital building
topigraphic map
history map
population map
economic map
fun location
IOWA catches the eye of college
in 1880 Iowa had 5,000 miles of railroad.Also on December 28,1846.Another thing is a Iowan named herbert hoover was elected president.
historic locaion
this is washta the coldest city in Iowa .Also washta is giving away $1200 in prizes for to enter a contest where
road trip distance
washta to the capital building is 182 miles
the capital building to Iowa state is 35.1 miles
Iowa state to zenos restraunt is 42.7 miles
zenos resraunt to rolling of Iowa is 35.4miles
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