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Oneight Confirmation 04-20-10

Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit Sacrament of Confirmation

Ian Poage

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of Oneight Confirmation 04-20-10

The Holy Spirit is FIRE!
Fire changes the
things it comes in
contact with When we were baptised,
God gave us His Holy Spirit.
That Spirit came into us like a fire. Confirmation &
The Holy Spirit Who is the Holy Spirit?
CCC#683-747 The Bottom Line -
The Holy Spirit is
the "active ingredient"
between the Father &
the son. The Holy Spirit is...
Water; a sign of new birth The Holy Spirit is...
Anointing (with Chrism) The Holy Spirit is...
The seal; a mark of ownership The Holy Spirit is...
Cloud and light The Holy Spirit is...
The dove The Holy Spirit is...
in the laying of hands The Holy Spirit...
animates all creation
awakens faith
enables communication w/ Christ
grants gifts to all
master and source of prayer
reveals God
So, then...
What is
Confirmation? 1 of 3
of Initiation Confirmation completes
Baptismal grace & prepares
us to spread and defend the faith! The Holy Spirit is...
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