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The Dark Hills Divide

No description

Somer Wetherington

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of The Dark Hills Divide

Alexa is a very curious girl who loves to explore Bridewell.. She is with her dad for the summer and he has to work so she want to explore while he does that but Pervis keeps stooping her. She also loves to read at the library where she gets most of her information and finds more stuff out about the wall and come up with ways to learn more.
Setting and Conflict

Grayson is the librarian. He is one of Alexa's very close friends. He helps make her happy when she sad and helps her pick out books to read.
Ganesh is a hard working father. He spends the summers with his daughter Alexa but he mostly works and since Warvold died him and few other men are now in charge of Bridewell and they have to find a way to keep it safe there for everyone. He is a strong leader and father.
presentation by:Somer Wetherington
The Dark Hills Divide
by: Patrick Carmen
The setting is in the Bridewell during the summer inside a barrier. The barrier is keeping the people inside and also keeping Alexa from exploring outside.
Thank You
Ganesh (Alexa's dad)
Yipes is a little short man who is helping Alex find out more out Bridewell. Hes has sent her on a journey to the mountains to find out more and how to get out of the walls of Bridewell.
The climax of the book is when the animals tell her about Sabastine a convict who is is not very good. We don't know where he is but the animals do know he is planning to attack Bridewell.
The conflict is that Alexa is trying to get out of the barrier in Bridewell and she is getting really close thanks to the help of Yipes and the animals.Yet she still has to do a lot more to find out before she can get out.

New Words
is to declare someone to be guilty.
is slow and clumsy because of great weight.
The Dark Hills Divide

More Words
My Opinion
My opinion on the book is that its a really good book and mysterious. I would recommend this book to people. I liked it a lot it was exciting, mysterious and good because it got very deep in detail.
There are many animals in this book it has a bear named Ander, a wolf named Darius , and a rabbit named Malcolm are the main ones helping Alexa find out the mystery's of Bridewell.
The theme of this book is that things are hard to do but don't give up and that you never need to loose hope in trying to find something out you'll eventually end up getting what you need and finding it. I know this is the theme because in the book Alexa is trying to find out more about Warvold dying and the wall and she doesn't give up to find out more about it and in the end she found out more than she expected.
is being or exhibiting an omen
is an event regarded as a portent of good or evil.
is relating to or having the form or properties of a cylinder.
is to speak with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat the initial letters of words
is when a group of people shout loudly and insistently
one definition is gnarled. Another definition for it is difficult, dangerous, or challenging.
walk with long, decisive steps in a specified direction.
is shrubs and small trees forming the undergrowth in a forest.
The resolution is people in Bridewell build another wall around the one already there and Alexa climbs up it with a ladder and sees all the convicts trying to escape but they cant and she also sees Darius getting back together with his family and the last thing he says to her is thank you.The end.
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