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political deadlock

No description

Juliet Jones-Rodney

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of political deadlock

Who, What, Where, Why, When and how What was the political deadlock? Where was this in Canada Who was part of The Political Deadlock When Was The Political Deadlock? Why was there a
Political Deadlock? The Political Deadlock was about Canada West( Ontario) and Canada East(Quebec) who were both had equal seats in the legislative assembly. Both sides got 42 seats. This took place in the United province of Canada. both Canada East and Canada West All Legislative Parties in Canada. The Political Deadlock Took place from 1854-1864 Road To Confederation: # 8 Political Deadlock Canada West:
Conservatives Canada East:
Rouges From 1854-1864 there were half a dozen elections and 10 different governments came and went. The main parties of Canada East and West. The main parties of Canada East were the Bleus led by George Etienne Cartier and the Rouges led by Antoine Aimé Dorion. In Canada West there were the Tories (Conservatives) led by John A. MacDonald and the Grits(Liberals) led by George Brown. Canada west got 42 representatives who spoke English, and Canada East got 42 representatives who spoke French. The political deadlock occurred because governments in Canada were very short-lived. None of the 10 governments survived long enough to give the colony of Canada enough political stability. How was the Political Deadlock resolved? In 1863 George Brown agreed to work with John A. MacDonald and George-Étienne Cartier to make changes to Canada' s political state which lead to the great coalition. How Did this play a role in confederation? If the political deadlock had not happened George Brown would not have allied himself with John A. MacDonald and George-Étienne Cartier, which would mean the Great Coalition would have never happened and Canada would not be the same. Internal or External? The political deadlock took place in Canada so it would be an internal factor of confederation. Thanks for Listening!!!!! George Brown John A. MacDonald George-Étienne Cartier
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