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McMann-No Where to Call Home Timeline Chapters 1-7

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of McMann-No Where to Call Home Timeline Chapters 1-7

By:Erica McMann
No Where to Call Home Timeline Chapters 1-7
Location: Frances' home
Historical facts: Black Tuesday and Thursday,depression starting, people jumping out of windows because of money loss
Important Events: Frances' dad committed suicide, Frances' became an orphan and has no money
Chapter 1
A Scary Change
Location: Philadelphia
Historical Facts: banks foreclosed on houses and millionaires began to sell apples on the side of the street for money
Hobo slang: "Bo" ~ hobo
Important events: servants had left everything to work and were alone after the bank foreclosed on the house,Frances wanted to try hobo-ing
Chapter 2/3

Location: Train Station
Historical Facts: Hobo's began calling Chicago 'Big Chi'
Important Events: Frances begins to believe she was never good enough and she was part of the reason her dad committed suicide
Chapter 4/5
All Aboard
Chapter 6/7
A New Friend
Location: Train station
Historical Facts:
Hobo Slang: Punk~kid, Bull~railroad cop, Profesh~ professional hobo
Important events: Frances cuts her hair, Frances jumps out of a cab, Frances gets the nickname 'Frankie Blue'
Chapters 8-10
Camps are the new home
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Historical facts: President Hoover was blamed for all of the suffering
Hobo Slang: boil up-wash your clothes, crumbs-lice, meat-yesterday or tomorrow but never today, mulligan-excuse
Important events- everything is shared once at the camp, Stewpot calls a harmonica a mouth organ, going to the bathroom was difficult for Frankie because she had to hide she was a girl
Questions- How do they get tents to sleep in? How do you trust people so easily? How long do you get to stay in a camp?

Chapters 11-13
Bye Bye
Location: Pittsburgh to Cincinnati
Historical Facts:$58 was a lot of money, cops felt pressured to make arrests, refrigerator cars were used to transport food
Hobo Slang: misery-coffee, sand-sugar, brass-guts, frill-girl
Important Events:things from Frankie's bag were stolen, Frankie jumps on her first train, Stewpot begins to tell Frankie what the cigar boxes are for
Questions: How does Stewpot know what train go where and what time they go to those places?
Chapters 14-16
Stay for a Whittle while
Location: Cincinnati
Historical facts: with $2 you can buy 8 pocket knives, stopping places were marked,Huckleberry Finn was published, missions let you stay if you worked
Hobo Slang: stewbum-drunk, flop-sleep, gander-wonder
Important Events: Stewpot teaches Frankie to whittle, Stewpot tells Frankie his life dreams
Chapters 17-19
Shhh! It's a secret
Location: Davenport, IO
Historical Facts: a lot of girls were getting raped
Hobo Slang: flip-jump on, swell-rich, swill- food
Important Events: Frankie tells Stewpot that she is a girl, Frankie is arrested, Frankie realizes the choice that she made may have been a mistake

Location: Montana
Historical Facts: Hoovervilles started
Hobo Slang: bulls-cop, cop-get
Important Events: Frankie goes by herself to get food for her and Stewpot, She makes a fire as Stewpot's fever starts to break, Frankie goes to her aunt's house after Stewpot dies.
Location: Chicago
Historical Facts:
Hobo Slang:
Important Events: Frankie goes to her aunt's house after she sees a mark on the fence post for a safe spot for hobos
Questions: Did Stewpot ever tell her how he felt about her? Does she ever become a pianist? How does her aunt react?
Chapters 20-24
The past always catches up with you
Chapters 25-26
Right where you belong
"Father!"- Frankie finds out that her father shot himself
"He couldn't be dead, not father, everything would stop."- Frankie was still in shock that her father was dead
"I would like to redeem this for full value please."- Frankie decides not to go to her aunt's in Chicago
"When she paused for a moment a voice said "Nice tune." ."- Frankie meets Stewpot for the first time
"Two of the five young hoboes standing in front of her were quite obviously girls"- Frankie realizes girls can be hoboes too.
"What's a reefer?"- Frankie learns the meaning of reefer and has a realization
"It was something she never paid attention too before."- Frankie took everything for granted
"Bughouse, they'd call her, crippled under the hat. Wouldn't they be right?"- Frankie realizes she made a mistake
"An aunt? So that's what you're running from."- Frankie tells Stewpot about her aunt, thinking he would want to go
"After taking one more breath, she lifted up the heavy brass knocker and let it fire."- Her aunt welcomes her with open arms and she becomes a pianist
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