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Copy of Cetaphil Marketing Plan

Fuchsia Group

Cetaphil Marketing

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Cetaphil Marketing Plan

Cetaphil Lotion Marketing Strategy: Phase A
Elizabeth Campbell, Ryan Brooks, Dallendyshe Xhiherri, Bo Peng, Fei Dong, Marc Densing
Fuchsia Group
MKT 300
Fall 2013

Cetaphil formula invented by a pharmacist as a safe, simple formula.
Cetaphil recognized by dermatologists as a stand-alone skincare product.
Galderma Company was formed & acquired Cetaphil, making few changes to original formula.
Cetaphil develops and launches various new product lines.
Cetaphil Brand History
Sales Growth Trends

Therapeutic skincare line
Recommended by dermatologists for sensitive or disease compromised skin
Fragrance free and hypoallergenic

Sunscreen lotions that provide 50 SPF coverage.
Brand Description
Clinically proven, non-comodegenic, gentle skin cleansers.
Moisturizers that provide long-lasting hydration & help restore damaged skin.
Product Line Segmentation: Cetaphil Moisturizers
Daily Advance Ultra-Hydrating Lotion
Restoraderm Skin-restoring moisturizer
Moisturizing Cream
Therapeutic Hand Cream

Consumers are increasingly interested in a "1 product fix-all" for skin care problems.
Environmentally safe/organic beauty products are in demand.
Beauty spending grew during recession
Consumers very brand loyal for skincare products (37% purchase only brands they trust)
Anti-aging is a growing concern among skincare product consumers
Consumer Insights
Cosmetics Industry Segmentation
Hair Care
Cosmetics Industry
Skin Care
Make up
Great for sensitive skin

Has a nice smell

Safe (because of dermatologist recommendation)

Simple and pure product

Easy to find
More expensive than similar lotions

Contains many non-organic ingredients

Made specifically for skin problems, not for daily use

Boring packaging, boring brand
Current Positioning Statement: Cetaphil
Current Marking Strategy
For the modern woman of any skin type, Cetaphil offers premium quality moisiturizer that will leave your skin feeling young and healthy because it is doctor recommended and irritant-free.
Sponsorship of Camp Wonder: Summer Camp for kids with skin disorders
Partnered with drugstores to create a "Skin Care Club" campaign
Low volume print and social media advertising
Current Positioning Statement: Aveeno
Current Marking Strategy
For young men and women with healthy skin, Aveeno lotion provides natural moisturizer that will sooth and protect for hours after use because of its organic ingredients.
Celebrity endorsed print and TV ads
Mobile ad campaign
PR Stunts/Events (the "Fountain of Youth" in Union Square)
Current Positioning Statement: Jergens
Current Marking Strategy
For the classy and elegant, Jergens offers odor-free lotions that will not only leave your skin as soft as any brand, but will also give you that extra radiant glow because of the lotions unique tint.
Print ads that leverage technology
Product "reviews" on blogs, vlogs, and other social media
SWOT Analysis
Great for sensitive skin

Has a nice smell

Dermatologist recommended

Easy to find at any drugstore
Brand perceptions (only for damaged skin)

Packaging plain and boring

No organic ingredients

Target audience too general
Brand image can be changed easily

Leverage dermatologist recommendation and other awards

Established brand with large distribution channels
Too many competitors

No exclusive shop

Comparable products less expensive
Product Market Share
As % of Total US Sales, 2012
Company Background Continued

Significant brand presence in 70+ countries

Major brands: Azzalure, Cetaphil, Clobex, Differin, Metrogel, Metrix, Oracea, Restylane, Silks Vertical and Tri- Luma

Company Background
Founded in 1981 as a joint venture between Nestle and L'Oreal

Pharmaceutical Company specialized in dermatological treatments for skin ailments

Headquarted in Switzerland

Since 1947, Cetaphil has been providing a safe and simple formula

Sales trends have been slowly decreasing

Industry trends are full of opportunities

Current marketing strategy and brand image has a lot of space for improvement

Thank you!
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