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No description

olivia witherow

on 2 October 2013

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The rebels who were fighting against the soldiers picked up Samuel and brought him to their camp. When there, Samuel eventually recovered from his injuries and was back to normal health.
When samuel left their camp to search for his parents he came across a very nice, clean house. He went inside and had dinner with the family and they gave Samuel very useful information to the where abouts of the british soldiers who have his parents. After he ate, he left and as he left a group of Hessians, nasty british soldiers, burned their house down and killed the family except for the little girl, Annie, she escaped.
Samuel met a guy named Abner, Abner takes samuel and annie to have supper at a house near new york city. when eating the people living in the house told them where the british soldiers were keeping the prisoners and that was where sam`s parents would be.
When Samuel, the protagonist,was hunting in the woods, British soldiers demolished his town and he couldn`t do anything to stop it. The soldiers killed everyone; however, his parents were not to be found dead, they were the prisoner`s of the soldiers.
Samuel then found the soldiers who captured his parents, but their was suddenly a small battle that was taking place. There were indians and rebels fighting the redcoats, however one of the indains thought Samuel was fighting with the redcoats, so the indain tried to kill samuel, but samuel killed him first. The other indian was enraged and the next thing you know, Samuel was knocked out from the tomahawk hitting himl straight on the head by the indian.
After that, Abner also takes them to his friend, Mathews. Mathews has a boat for bringing people back and forth along the hudson river, and that would be the way Samual would go to see his parents.
Mathew takes Samuel to find his parents. Sam finds them at last and they are filled with happiness and joy.
Samuel frees his parents and 40 other prisoners by hitting a british soldier with a brick on the the head so that the soldier is knocked out.
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