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Copy of Certificate Program in Participatory Research

No description

Sarah Kowitt

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Certificate Program in Participatory Research

Journals for Participatory Research
See the link below for information on Journals that publish participatory research.
Web Resources for Participatory Research
The Program Director
Dorothy Holland
is the Cary. C Boshamer Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at UNC-Chapel Hill. Her publications, including several books, edited volumes, and articles theorize a social practice approach to identity, and focus on social movements, activism, and local democracy. She is co-founder of the Center for Integrating Research and Action (CIRA) at UNC, and co-founder and Director of the Graduate Certificate in Participatory Research.
Community Experts
Fundamental to the Program are community experts who, in addition to their achievements, possess local knowledge and lived experience of the communities in which they live. To facilitate relationships with community experts, the Co-Director of the Program will identify and connect graduate students and community experts in their area, and ensures that the Board consider community perspectives in Certificate issues.
Program Requirements
Certificate Program in Participatory Research
Certificate Advisory Board
See the link below for information on web resources for participatory research.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
About the Certificate
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently launched an interdisciplinary, pan-university Graduate Certificate in Participatory Research.

The Certificate is designed to certify completion of graduate level training in the theoretical bases, rationale, methodologies, challenges, and motivations for carrying out research in equitable partnership between host communities and researchers.
Students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate for Participatory Research Program (GCPR) complete a Core Course, Elective Courses, and a Practicum in Participatory Research in addition to attending required workshops.
The Core Course
The Core Course is a three-credit hour course. The Course will introduce students to the history of participatory research and explore a range of participatory research approaches.
Elective Courses
The Elective Course will provide additional in-depth exposure to participatory research and methods, and is meant to enrich each student's specific interests in participatory methodologies and research.
Practicum in Participatory Research
The Practicum involves the student in a supervised, hands-on experience with participatory research.
1-Hour Required Course
The goal of this one-credit hour course is to make students aware of current debates within participatory research, build their ability to converse about approaches and issues, and help them integrate into the participatory network on the UNC campus.
Required Workshops
Students are required to participate in

at least two (2) workshops
on some facet of participatory research.
UNC Email dholland@unc.edu
Phone (919) 962-3040
Office 409B Alumni Bldg.
Alice Ammerman, Professor of Nutrition/Gillings School of Public Health & School of Medicine, and Director, Center for Health Promotion Disease Prevention (HPDP)
Geni Eng, Professor of Health Behavior/Gillings School of Public Health
Hannah Gill, Assistant Director, Institute for Study of the Americas
Dorothy Holland, Director of Certificate Program, Boshamer Professor of Anthropology
Sarah Kowitt, Graduate Student Member, Health Behavior/Gillings School of Public Health
Alexandra Lightfoot, Director, Community-Based Participatory Research Core (HPDP), Project Director, CBPR Charrettes Community Engagement Consulting Model, NC TraCS Institute
Melvin Jackson, Co-Director of Certificate Program, Community Expert, Co-Director, Faculty Engaged Scholars Program, Carolina Center for Public Service
Lauren Leve, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Patricia McAnany, Kenan Professor of Anthropology, Research Labs of Archaeology
Pat Parker, Associate Professor of Communications Studies
The Seed Grant Award for Participatory Research
The GCPR Program provides support to assist graduate students with their research projects. Awards are intended to support expenses directly related to participatory research projects.
Community Engagement Fellowship
This fellowship program awards fellowships each year to develop and implement engagement or engaged scholarship projects that employ innovative, sustainable approaches to complex social needs and have an academic connection.
Additional Information
For further information on the Program, current courses, and the application process:
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