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Negotiation Case Study

Scheme for developing the Negotiation Case Study to be used in 10,000 Women by IE Business School

Camila Villas

on 22 September 2009

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Transcript of Negotiation Case Study

As Empresas Triple A Catering The Actors [2 Founders per Company and 3 additional share holders]
The Enterpreneuers The Venture Capitalists
Sales Teams Procurement Teams The Rounds round 1 round 2 round 3 round 4 Founders, who are industry specialists, will try to attract an additional shareholder with financial or marketing expertise... Negotiation components: Ownership, salaries and power (a) (b) (c) The Observers and Documenters
9 3 [2 Sales Managers per Company]
6 [3 partners from Ravoc Capital]
6 [2 Heads of Procurement per Company]
[1 Observer and 1 Documenter per Company]
6 Dilema:
The candidate's personal and career interests versus what the company can offer Negotiation with competition
Time management
No deal breaking conflicts Time available for negotiation: 120 min Partners from Ravoc Capital will visit the three ventures. Based on their perception of each company and its management team, they will assign their limited resources in a 20%-30%-50% basis 40 min per candidate 45min 30min 45min to draw interest maps of all candidates 15 minutes initial meetings per candidate 15 minutes to close (or not) the deal per candidate Actors Dinâmica das negociações Observer and Documenter Negociadores [são os atores de outras rodadas] Expectadores Empresa 3 Empresa 2 Empresa 1 Competition: cross negotiation enables the competitive aspect of negotiations
Variety: actors participate in sell-side and buy-side negotiations along the case
Preparation: subrounds enable participants to draw interest maps and make win-win proposals in more than one interaction between negotiators
Learning by observation: Those not participating in the negotiation in a specific time can learn by observation
Organization: Documenter and Observer keep track of time and take notes of progress
Home & Away effect: negotiators and companies will visit and be visited
Time Management: agenda for the negotiation rounds require time management skills from participants Skills that can be developed using this model Cross Negotiation Different Actors negotiate with different companies
Companies negotiate with companies time management !!! Negotiation Workshop Ricardo Altimira (a) (b) (c) Negotiation Components: Ability to understand in what sense their company is fit for investors and articulate it to them is a decisive component Venture Capitalists decision based on: (i) ownership, (ii) ROI Fewer interactions in a very competitive environment 90 Time available for negotiation min 75 min [25 min presentation & discussion per company] 15 min [5 min to assign resources] [Between rounds, negotiators can reach out for documenters and observers to get additional information as well as feedbacks from current negotiations] 6 3 6 2 founders per company candidates 1 observer and 1 documenter per Company Dilema:
Some enterpreneurs will require less cash, others more. Investors may want to invest more in one company and less in the other based on ownership. Investment size decision will be balanced with ROI Actors 9 3 3 shareholders per company 3 partners from Ravoc Capital 1 observer and 1 documenter per company 6 Digital Case Alpha
Saúde Catering para dietas de pacientes Desenvolvimento de um novo software para a indústria de healthcare Sistema para administração de estoques e mudanças de cardápio As três empresas estão preparando o seu plano estratégico para 2009.
Os desafios são distintos entre elas, exceto pela busca de um especialista em marketing
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