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Azteca Mexican Restaurant


Punnoose Isaac

on 27 October 2017

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Transcript of Azteca Mexican Restaurant

Play to Win
Azteca as of Today
Customer Segment
Azteca Restaurant and Lounge

Objectives - Areas of Opportunities

Ami Desai
Saurabh Dave
Andy Ngo
Jingjing Luo
Punnoose Isaac
Situational Analysis
Strategic Positioning
Play to Win
Get ready for Web 2.0
Look beyond Elvis

Strategic Positioning
Customer Engagement Strategy
The Acquisition
The Transition
The Experience
Round Table
Winning Aspiration
Where to Play
Highly interactive and contributing part of the community
“Wow” the customers every time with entertainment and unique experience
Create fun and family friendly entertainment hub
Provide affordable consistent food around
5 mile radius of the restaurant
Several landmarks including Disney, Knott's Berry farm etc
Entertainment and music lovers
Future of Azteca
Strategic position restricts expansion
Niche Market
Stagnant Customer base
Exit rate is more than acquisition rate
Average age of Customers
Unable to capitalize the bar crowd

Evaluate, "Less is More"
Influence the Organization
Main Street
Influence the City

Negative Net Income
2012 :
2013 :
2014 :
2015 : ?
Customer Surveys
Some Key Observations
Age vs Entertainment Sentiment
Voice of the Customer - Yelp

Reviews - Trend and Sentiments
Strategic Positioning - Play to Win
Strategy cannot be disconnected from People
Roger Martin - Top 3 thinkers in the world
How to Win
- T

Repeat customers
Target new customer segments
Beyond Elvis
The face of the strategy vs the strategy
Other entertainment segments
Optimize Returns
The bar customer
Entertainment nights
Capabilities Needed & System Infrastructure
To Acquire
Creating Communities
To Transition
New Entertainment and in-house promotions
To Monetize
Tracking and experimenting
Optimizing revenue opportunities
To Impress and Sustain
Memorable Experience
Customer re-targeting
Creating a culture
The position
Mission Statement :

"To exceed customer expectation by providing a unique ambiance and great food that stimulate senses for an honest, entertaining and a family-friendly experience. The employees will provide exceptional customer service and stakeholders will be empowered to give back to the local community."

The customer engagement funnel :
Target customer Segment
Repeat Customer
Customer Engagement Funnel
Restaurant Industry
Customer Acquisition Strategy
Current: http://www.theazteca.com/
In Construction: http://theaztecacom.ipage.com/
Customer Acquisition Strategy
Customer Acquisition Strategy
Customer Acquisition Strategy
Customer Acquisition Strategy
Social Media:
Attract => Retain => Cultivate => Follow-up

Be consistent with the content
Meaningful content
Post frequently
Plan ahead and schedule posts
Create a theme
Synergy between all social media
Build the brand name

Customer Acquisition Strategy
HD Cover Photo including that of food & drinks
HD photos albums
Action Gating
Invite people to like/share page in exchange for rewards
Add action button on photos
Add action tabs on home page
Post calendar
Use insights
Use influencers
Use ads to reach target segment & boost posts
Invite customers to interact/take polls
Invite customers to share photo & hold contests
Meaningful Content!
Time your posts or tweets

Customer Acquisition Strategy
Social Media Enhancement
Use a common theme for all social media
Use the powerful tool of email marketing
Most powerful marketing tool
Own the domain name
Send emails monthly
Subject line should have no more than 50 characters

Use canva.com for HD photos and graphic arts
Use Hootsuite to manage all different forms of social media

Customer Acquisition Strategy
Other Common Strategies

Own the restaurant website & use wix.com to host it
Change the website layout (http://punnooseisaac.wix.com/aztecaoc)
Post signs outside the restaurant

Customer Acquisition Strategy
Community Reach

Be a part of Garden Grove Community Foundation
Request the city to add a link to Historic Main Street on the city website
Continually check the new city website to find suitable community events
Look out for Cal Poly 606 Program results
Support & encourage Splash pads in Summer

Current Sales Statistics
Transition and Implementation
Return Strategy
Coupon Promotions
Improve Food quality
Exclusive menu for Ent. days
Build customer loyalty
Address critics

Continuous Feedback
On Website
In-house drop-off box
Entertainment for Gen X & Y
New entertainers (different genres)
Conduct events on Thursday
Entertainer in OC area
Reservations not needed
Extend business hours on Thursday

Transition and Implementation
Entertainment for Baby-Boomers
Continue with current offerings
Move on Sundays
Reservations for 8 or more only

Transition and Implementation
Entertainment Assessment Plan
The Customer Experience
Maintain the atmosphere
Contingency plan
Consistency in food
Expand capacity
Entrance Separator
The Customer Experience
Menu: Problems
Cumbersome and too much information
Too many categories
Overlapped items and inconsistent pricing
Overpriced and underpriced items
The Customer Experience
Menu: Items to keep and remove
Top 20 Vs. Worst 20 (from Jan to Mar 2015)

Employee’s opinion
General evaluation on menu from employee survey
Alex’s opinion on most of the items
The Customer Experience
Menu: Re-categorization
Separate the lunch menu
add some high profit margin items
make it smaller potion
Use board for daily special
to introduce new items and seasonal items
for special event
to encourage people to try less-ordered items
to control inventory
Remove “Azteca specialties"
put the items under new categories
use icon
The Customer Experience
Menu: Re-categorization
Add new categories
“Taco & Burrito”
New form of Combination: Example shown
Improve kid’s menu:
More healthy food
Kid’s Eat Free Night
The Customer Experience
Menu: Layout
Use color print and HD pictures
Add healthy food and pictures
Use icon for specialty and healthy food
Simplify the description - describe each category rather than each item

The Customer Experience
The Customer Experience
Menu: Layout
Add choice of soup for combo
Add new branded items like "Azteca" fajita and "Azteca" margarita
Happy hour
one drink cheap
use sign
Seasonal menu
Put more food pictures an advertise new items on Facebook
The Customer Experience
Menu: Pricing
Fix price inconsistency for same items in different categories
Azteca burrito
Tostada Supreme
Chile verde
Three taquitos
Fix price inconsistency in paper menu and web menu

The Customer Experience
Menu: Pricing
Food cost analysis

Items with beef or asada has low profit margin: food cost more than 30%
Need to raise price or make smaller portion to make more profit
Compare with competitors
Increase low-priced items
Drink price is $0.25- $1.5 higher than competitors on average

Employee Survey Results
Best part of the job - Customers
Least enjoyable part of the job - Occasional rude customers, scheduling, lack of chain of command
Ways to make Azteca better - Improve menu, introduce new items and healthy choices, cleanliness
Better Management support - Meetings and better communication
Employee Survey Results
Human Resources
Monthly meetings
Language Barrier- always have at least 1 bilingual staff on every shift.
Annual employee survey
Employee of the month
Team-building events
Getting key employees involved in the business
Historic Main Street Enhancement
Adoption of mixed use regulations and development standards that provide opportunities to blend residential, commercial, and/or civic/institutional us as integrated developments or single-use structures. The intent of the mixed-use zone is to:
Bring energy and vitality to the area during both daytime and after-work hours.
Facilitate a pedestrian-scaled environment with buildings that provide exciting access, well-designed landscaping, and pedestrian amenities that foster interaction.
Encourage local and regional commerce.
Enhance the City’s image.
Provide opportunities for commercial areas to work in harmony with adjacent residential uses.
Provide flexibility in the design and use of properties to respond to shifts in markets and changing land use trends.
Historic Main Street Activities
Round Table
Customer Acquisition Strategy

Customer Acquisition Strategy
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