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Billie Whyte

No description

Billie Whyte

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of Billie Whyte

Current market
passionate writer
Outside the box thinker
Some experience with styling and photography
Some experience with creative writing
In depth knowledge of Social media and how to market a product using social media
Billie Whyte
Creative enterprise (Fashion)
Student number: 1221742

Artistic, cultural audience
Consistently Inconsistent
Edgier, designs
Collectives as artwork
Create a heavy online presence in order to market their publications
Unique experience with a loyal audience due to an instilled feeling of individuality combined with uniqueness.
Niche magazines
Niche magazines are publications with a very specific focus point and are generally catered towards a specific target audience too.
Lucky peach
(All images courtesy of Lucky Peach, 2016)
Could Niche magazines be the future of print?
'Niche print magazines could well be the future of the print magazine - with a few caveats' (Sutcliffe, 2016)
Previous assignment feedback suggests the need to work on creative writing
Little knowledge of the editorial industry
Little knowledge of the bridal industry
Only basic Knowledge of photography
Little knowledge of Photoshop and illustrator
Develop current knowledge of the bridal industry
Develop current knowledge of the editorial industry
Develop key skills required within the multiple sectors of the fashion industry (Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign etc)
Develop creative writing skills
Add photography and stylist skills to current skillset
Stronger understanding of the requirements of working with the bridal industry/ Editorial sector

'talk of a decline in the print industry'
May not be a requirement for this certain type of publication
Target Audience
hands on
Further research required in order to identify and develop a specific audience.
Past Projects
Negotiated brief
PPD - Blogging
Strong brand development
strong brand communication
strong brand identity
Lack of knowledge of photography
Lack of identified target audience
Lack of photoshoot direction
PPD - Blog
'Impressive content and regular posts but perhaps look at working on your creative writing skills' - Feedback from PPD2 as part of Level 5 Fashion retail.
Pinterest inspired Bridal magazine with the intention of advertising through the year using social media platforms and of developing the first edition in print by the end of the academic year. Will Include Inspiration for themed weddings with DIY ideas for personal touches on a tight budget and other Information such as how to's, style tips, Interior design tips etc.
Brides (272 Pages)
You & your wedding (250 pages)
Perfect wedding (258 pages)
Wedding Ideas (35 Pages)
272 pages; 240 pages that catered towards glam/traditional weddings.
Offers a Honeymoon guide with initial magazine.
Perfect wedding
You and your wedding
258 Pages; 232 pages catered towards glam/ traditional weddings

Offered 2 articles (both two page spread) on recreating looks cheaper or sticking to a wedding budget
250 pages; 232 pages catered towards glam/traditional weddings.

Behind the scenes spread.
Comes with a separate accessories edition.
Wedding Ideas
35 pages, 60 wedding themes,
Stationary and instagram inspiration, cakes and treats, seasonal flowers, wedding detail shops, photo tips, ceremony readings, accessories, favour ideas, 70 table names, first dance songs, wedding venues etc.
'There has been a debate about print magazines dying and digital media overpowering the markets but it’s just about the competition'
- Fword, 2015.
'We need to adapt our approach and take a 360 degree way of looking at things. Print and digital are complimentary and not rivals in a way' FWORD, 2015.
'Though there has been news of immense reductions in publishing and circulating expenses, a set of new independent niche magazines are turning the tables and enthusing a new life in the print media' - FWORD, 2015.
Negotiated brief - OPIA
Opia was a bridal wear brand that I developed as part of the level 5 fashion retail course. For the project I developed the brand concept, styled and produced images to represent the brand and produced a display that would be presented at a bridal fair.
F word. (2015).
The Print Revolution The Rise of Niche Magazines
. Available: http://www.fwordmag.com/single-post/2015/08/19/The-Print-Revolution-The-Rise-of-Niche-Magazines. [Accessed: 13th Oct 2016]

Lucky Peach. (2016) Issue #11 [IMAGE]. Available at: http://luckypeach.com/magazine/all-you-can-eat/ [Accessed: 13th October 2016]

Lucky Peach. (2016)
Issue #15
[IMAGE]. Available at: http://luckypeach.com/magazine/the-plant-kingdom/ [Accessed: 13th October 2016]

Lucky Peach. (2016).
Issue #20
[IMAGE]. Available at: http://luckypeach.com/magazine/cooks-chefs-iii-fine-dining/ [Accessed: 13th October 2016]

Sutcliffe, C. (2016).
Are niche publications the future of print? Part three.
Available: https://www.themediabriefing.com/article/are-niche-publications-the-future-of-print-part-three. [Accessed: 13th Oct 2016]

Milligan, B. (2016)
How will Brexit affect your finances?
Available: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36537906 [Accessed: 13th Oct 2016]

In terms of viability in regards to securing a sustainable career, should the initial Idea of producing and releasing a bridal magazine fall through the development of skills such as creative writing, blogging, knowledge of the bridal wear industry and its needs and knowledge of the editorial industry and it's needs means that I would have the skills to fall back on either a career in retail or editorial work.
How will this improve the current sector?
The current economy, particularly in regards to britain recently leaving the european union means that the value of the pound is expected to decrease dramatically. It will become harder and more costly to import goods from europe. It is also predicted that wages could 'drop from anywhere between 2.8% and 4% lower' (Milligan, 2016) causing the average worker to be £780 a year worst off.
With the current economical crisis, the uncertainty of inflation combined with the potential decrease in wages It's no surprise that people are choosing to be cautious with their finances. It's common talk that people are being frugal and thrifty due to the uncertainty of the actual effect that 'brexit' will have.
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