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"On the Bridge" by: Todd Strasser

No description

Paige Csikortos

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of "On the Bridge" by: Todd Strasser

"On the Bridge" Timeline! The Smack Down! Adam Lockwood and Seth Dawson had been leaning on the stone wall smoking a cigarette. Then Adam brought up how yesterday he beat up a senior and broke his nose just because he bugged Adam. Cigarette Machine! Once at the diner, Adam had taught Seth to use the cigarette machine in order to get a pack of Marlboros. After having put the pack in his breast pocket on his new denim jacket, Seth was overcome with embarrassment because his jacket didn't look authentic like Adams. Red Convertible! Once Adam and Seth had returned to the bridge a red convertible had pulled up along with two older girls in the front seats. Adam had gave them a wave and he received one back. Seth however was nervous the girls would get off the exit ramp because he wasn't a ladies man like Adam. Imaginary Rock! As lunch time came, so did the traffic beneath the bridge. Adam had noticed some of the drivers and passengers looking up at him. So he clenched his fist as if he held a rock and threw his arm froward. Which caused a lady driving a blue sedan to swerve out of her lane just missing the stone abutment next to the highway. Seth couldn't believe what he just witnessed and had the urge to leave. Cigarette butt! After Adam had smoked his cigarette down to the filter he decided it would be funny if he flicked it over the edge of the bridge down into oncoming traffic. It had hit the windshield of a black car causing red sparks to fly in every direction. At this point Seth had thought Adam went too far and was very uncomfortable about the whole situation. Muscle Shirts! The black car which held three big guys had somehow gotten off the exit ramp undetected . Before Adam and Seth even noticed the black car the big guys had them surrounded up against the bridge. A husky guy asked who flicked that butt onto his car and immediately Adam pointed to Seth. Seth couldn't even get one word out before the guy had him pressed against the windshield demanding to lick the ash off his car. Seth refused to open his mouth and give them the satisfaction, so once the guy realized this he slammed Seth's head into the windshield giving him a bloody nose. Garbage Can! While Seth had taken the blame and the beaten for Adam he just stood their watching his helpless so called "friend". Adam had said they pulled a knife on him but Seth didn't believe that. Seth realized he was trying to be the wrong person instead of himself and decided to throw away his denim jacket which was now covered in red blood. By: Paige Csikortos
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