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My Career Wheel

No description

Olivia Westland

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of My Career Wheel

By: Olivia Westland
Submitted to: Mrs. Talbot
Grade 10 Careers
Due Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 My Career Wheel Activities With Friends School Experiences Community Involvement & Volunteer Work Usually relaxed activities such as:
Baking (cakes, cookies, etc.)
Watching TV, movies, Youtube videos, etc. (Favourites are Friends, Pitch Perfect, Rocky Horror, Charlieissocoollike)
Go for walks (with my dog)
Listen to music Clubs, Hobbies, and Sports Clubs I participate in:
Glee Club
Rainbow Alliance Club

Hobbies I have:
Playing guitar
Running Some memorable school experiences that I have had are:

Leadership Camp 2011
Student Talent Show 2012
Coffee House 2013
Spanish class and learning a new language
International Studies Certificate Program
Glen Cairn 2001-2011 I volunteered as a track guide for the Kenya Run last year.
I've also done some volunteer work for my soccer club signing in players at tryouts and organizing tryout numbers. Might volunteer to coach u9 team this summer. Sports I play:
Club soccer with WOS
School soccer team
futsal Family Activities My family and I enjoy watching our favourite movies or TV shows together, walking the dog, playing with my nephew, formal dinner every week, picnics in the summer, and visiting my grandparents and relatives. Unpaid Work I do many chores around the house such as:
Cooking dinner once a week
Washing and/or drying dishes
Vacuum and sweep the floors
Unload and re-load dishwasher
Clean bathrooms
Wash laundry, fold it, put it away, etc. Paid Work Personal Slogan My personal slogan is "Find greatness in everything." This is my slogan because it reflects compassion, adventure, creativity, and independence. To me this slogan means make the best of every situation, love what you do, and recognize the best parts of other people. Contents Activities with Friends
Clubs, Hobbies and Sports
School Experiences
Family Activities
Community Involvement/Volunteer Work
Unpaid Work
Paid Work
Personal Slogan
Mission Statement Summary... The important things in my life include making time for my friends and family, helping out around the house, playing soccer, making music, and getting involved in my community. The End Unfortunately I have no paid work yet. Searching and hoping to get a part-time job somewhere in Kanata i.e. Empire Theatres, Stitches, the Independent, Superstore, Dairy Queen, etc. Mission Statement I want to attain happiness in life through hard work, determination, passion, and commitment and will continue to strive for success in everything I do.
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