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History of Graphic Design

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Kevin Fusco

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of History of Graphic Design

History of Graphic Design
Graphic designs begins with the paintings in the Chauvet and Lascaux caves in France.

All of the graphic designs featured in these caves consist of animals.
Cave Paintings
(~30,000 BC)
Cai Lun, an official in the Imperial Court of China, is credited as the inventory of paper and the paper making process.

He made it possible to use a variety of materials, such as tree bark, hemp, and rags to make paper.
(105 AD)
Johannes Gutenburg invents the printing press.

His invention allows for mass printings and reduced cost of printing materials.

Gutenburg press used until 20th century.
Nicolas Jenson invents the Roman type in 1470.

Italic type is invented in 1501 by Aldus Manutius.
Typography cont.
Along with the invention of the printing press, Gutenburg also introduces movable type.

Typography is the style and appearance in printings.

Before the printing press, books had to be scribed by hand.
Aloys Senefelder is credited as the inventor of Lithography.

Lithography is the process of printing by placing ink on a series of metal or stone carvings.
2000 BC - The Egyptians invent outdoor advertising by carving public notices in steel.
1472 - The First print ad is created in England.
1776 - Ads appear in America encouraging enlistment.
1835 - Billboard ads rise in numbers with the invention of the automobile.
1950 - First graphic images are created by Ben Laposky.
1959 - First CAD (Computer-Aided Design) system is developed by GM and IBM.
1960 - The term "computer graphics" is coined by WIlliam Fetter at Boeing.
1961 - Spacewar, the first video game, is developed by MIT student Steve Russel.
Computer Graphics
1963 - Ivan Sutherland develops Sketchpad, which allows for shapes to be drawn on a monitor using a light pen.
1963 - The mouse is invented by Doug Englebart at Stanford.
1976 - Apple is founded.
Computer Graphics cont.
Kevin Fusco
Erik Harke

First magazine created in 1663 in Germany.

First U.S. magazine appears 1741, called American Magazine.

Time Magazine becomes the first U.S. news magazine in 1923.
1882 - The first electric sign is lit in Times Square.
1939 - Graphic designs are depicted on World War II propaganda.
1941 - First TV commercial.
1994 - Ads begin appearing on the internet.
Advertising cont.
First posters were created in France as advertisements for new products.

Jules Cheret is considered the father of the modern poster for his creation in a new lithographic process which made creating posters easier.




1990 - Photoshop released
1995 - Toy Story, the first computer-animated full-length film is produced by Pixar.
2001 - Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within is the first feature-length digital film that includes a cast of photo realistic digital actors.
Computer Graphics cont.
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