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No description

shannon chow

on 12 June 2018

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Transcript of Llaollao

Branding and Positioning Strategy
1. Packaging 2. Product

Main Competitors
1. Sales Promotion
2. Public Relations
Promotion Mix
Team members : Shannon, Fion, Jamantha, Jamil & Gigi
Branding Strategy
1. Brand Name Selection
2. Brand Development
3. Brand Positioning
Brand Name Selection
Brand Development
- developed their products through line extension

- Line extension : introduction of additional items in a given product category under the same brand name
- for e.g. cocktails, slushies, sanum and smoothies
Sales Promotion
Seasonal Promotions
Packaging : seasonal cup designs
3. Service
most recommended product
high nutritional value
33 countries, 180 establishments
low-fat in content
suitable for all ages
( including the elderly
and pregnant women )
fresh fruits + crunchy toppings + sauces
biodegradable cups to SAVE THE EARTH
perfect blend of low fat and
high calcium mix
50 delectable toppings
97% fat free and 27 calories per fluid ounce
good source of calcium, proteins, minerals, vitamin D and B12
- made of green hard plastic

- shape of a teardrop

-helps to heighten the pleasure of eating and experience by stirring the senses of every customer
- offers different sizes of cups

- tubs are made of sturdy paper

- Sanum is held in a transparent plastic cup

- take away bag is used as a communication tool to transmit their concepts
- main color : green.
conveys that it is healthy and environmentally friendly
- supporting color : white
brings simplicity to the design and illustrates the freshness of the yogurt
- storefronts are brightly lit to attract customers
- natural and healthy
- serves healthy yogurt that is produced from natural ingredients
Product Life Cycle Stage
Maturity Stage
- Llaollao is at it's peak
- Sales will start slowing down
- Profits increase at a decreasing rate
Product Strategy
product life cycle
Marketing Management Philosophy
achieve organisational goals
focus on customers needs
wants of the Target Market
- e.g. customization of their own yogurt
- originated from Spain
- actual pronunciation " yao yao "
- often mispronounced as " lao lao "
- no particular meaning to its name
1. Product Attributes
2. Product Benefits
3. Values
Product attribute
Product Benefit
- healthy and nutritious
- skimmed milk adds to the creamy texture of the yogurt
- high nutritional values
- gluten free

- yogurt is made from natural ingredients
- no preservatives added
- Llaollao has created a mini competition together with their mascot
- promotions available at different sales website
Public Relations
Brand Positioning
- create new designs that fits a particular season or festival to engage consumers to immerse in festive atmosphere
E.g. Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas
1. Make more yogurt flavors available for consumers

2. Same sauce, toppings and crunches at all Llaollao stores
3. State the nutritional value beside each topping e.g. calories intake
4. Price
1. Membership Card
2. Accept more methods of payment
Membership Card
1. Customers pay one time $5 membership fee
Benefits include :
- redeem free medium size yogurt with 2 toppings on birthday date itself
- every $2 spent earns 1 point & every 50 points earned, can redeem a free Sanum
- purchase on birthday month earns doubles the points
- choose your card from 5 designs and personalize it with name
- Llaollao only accepts cash payments
-include different methods of payments like Ez-Link, VISA paywave or NETS
- may cause inconvenience for consumers
- purchases made easier for consumers
Student Discount
- Based on survey conducted, majority of respondents are students
- Fair percentage answered price of Llaollao can be improved to cater to students.
- Student discount of 10% entitled to students who flash their student card upon purchase
- Encourages more students to patronize Llaollao
q & a
1. Advertising
2. Direct Marketing
3. Sales Promotion
- advertisement via Youtube Commercials
- collaboration with local YouTubers
- helps attract new consumers as YouTubers have an influence on their viewers
Direct Marketing
- Bonding with your loved ones event
- Held at several locations around Singapore during weekends or public holiday
- Games are organized to encourage family bonding and a healthy lifestyle
- Consumers entitled to lucky draw with every $10 spent on games
Sales Promotion
-held according to festive seasons
- vouchers will be given in red packet with every purchase of Llaollao
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