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Kristi Del Vecchio

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Symposium_Interfaith

Preventing Genocide through Interfaith Relationships
Concordia College Better Together
Is religious genocide a thing of the past?
Where historical religious intolerance...
...led to acts of severe violence against humanity.
History tells us of the injustices humanity is capable of...

But present stories confirm that religious and non-religious intolerance and violence is still happening throughout the world today.
July 2012: Hindu Extremists Attack Christians in India
Palestine: Jews and Muslims fight to claim Holy Land
August 2012: Attack on Sikh Community in Wisconsin
These and other acts of religious violence and injustice speak to our need to create a movement of tolerance and engagement with religious diversity.
What is interfaith?
IFYC defines interfaith as the engagement of people from diverse traditions, such as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Secular Humanism, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Baha’i, atheist, agnostic, and all other religious, non-religious, and philosophical traditions.

"Interfaith cooperation is the active engagement of religious diversity to a constructive end."
-Diana Eck
What is interfaith cooperation?
1. Respect for individual religious or non-religious identity

2. Mutually inspiring relationships

3. Common action for the common good
The three essential components to Interfaith cooperation:
...one side trying to convert the other

….the idea that “deep down all religions are the same”

…diluting or weakening personal beliefs

… an argument about who is right and wrong
What is interfaith cooperation
-Engaging diversity when the opportunity arises

-Using safe-space philosophy

-Being mindful of differences, yet observing common goals

-Sharing stories
How could YOU practice interfaith cooperation?
"Stories not only teach us how to act – they inspire us to act. Stories communicate our values through the language of the heart, our emotions. And it is what we feel – our hopes, our cares, our obligations – not simply what we know, that can inspire us with the courage to act."
-Marshall Ganz
Storytelling as an active engagement of interfaith
• A story of
why you were called to do what you are doing.

• A story of
what your constituency, community, organization has been called to its shared purposes, goals, vision.

• A story of
the challenge this community now faces, the choices it must make, and the hope to which “we” can aspire.
IFYC uses Ganz's framework for Interfaith Storytelling
Find the aspects of self, us, and now
Activity: Storytelling
"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."

Interfaith is a personal practice and an intentional exchange with religious diversity
Come Join Us!
Interfaith cooperation becomes a reality when
diverse religions, traditions, and philosophies...
Realize that they are
Better Together
Where religious diversity was approached with mutual respect rather than intolerant violence.
Where a choir of diverse people sing a song of service for humanity, inspired by different philosophies, traditions, and religious identities.
Better Together Interfaith Alliance

Meetings: Sunday nights at 7:00pm, in the Interfaith Reflection Room (Parke Student Leadership Center)
Contact Sarah Funkhouser (sfunkhou@cord.edu) or Kristi Del Vecchio (kdelvecc@cord.edu) for more information!
Interfaith Youth Core is coming back to campus! September 19th

Better Together meeting THIS Sunday at 7:00pm in the Interfaith Reflection Room (PSLC)

Better Together Community Outings and Service Projects

Interfaith chapel week (in November)
What's next?
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