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Plot Diagramming of High School Musical

No description

parik benlian

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Plot Diagramming of High School Musical

Plot Diagramming of
High School Musical

The movie begins with Troy and Gabriella with their families on vacation. They were both being told by their families to go to the New Years' party. Without knowing each other they were both selected to sing karaoke with each other. After meeting each other they are separated and think that they would never see each other again.

School beings and when Troy goes into his classroom he sees someone who looks like Gabriella in his classroom, so he decides to call her. When he calls her, he hears a phone ring and sees it is Gabriella in his class. He was shocked and excited to meet up with her again. In the movie Troy’s best friend is Chad. Being on the basketball team and having Troy’s dad as their coach was difficult. Troy and Gabriella become very close, and they become more and more interested for the spring musical.
Rising Action
Troy does not tell any of his friends he sings or wants to be in the musical, because it is embarrassing for him. Him and Gabriella start to sing together and practice their song for the musical with the musician Cacey. Sharpay and Ryan were the main people of the musical and were trying to get Troy and Gabriella broken up so that they wouldn’t get in the way of them.
Rising Action (Cont.)
Chad and his girlfriend Taylor decide that they are going to have a plan to break up Troy and Gabriella. Chad wants Troy to focus of basketball and Taylor wants Gabriella to just focus of Mathlets. The popularity is all getting to Troy and he is pushing Gabriella away. Gabriella gets upset and decides that instead of doing the musical with Troy she is going to do the Mathlets. Troy tries apologizing to Gabriella but that does not change anything. It is not game, Mathlets, and musical day. What will Troy and Gabriella do?
There is a plan for Troy and Gabriella to be able to both make it on time for the musical. The mathlets after finishing cut off the power during the basketball game. Troy ran to Gabriella and they both went in to the auditorium and begged Mrs.Darbis to allow them to sing.
Falling Action
Troy and Gabriella get a great reaction from their performance. The Wildcats win their Championship game and the Mathlets won.
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