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Report on The Threatened City Doris Lessing

BY: Mercy, Tracy and Wambui

Bahati Tracy

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Report on The Threatened City Doris Lessing

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Historical Information Earthquake in San Francisco in 1906
-3400 people killed; estimate.
-when a disaster 65 years ago is mentioned this is the event being talked about.
Another earthquake in February of 1971
- 65 people killed and 1 billion worth of damage caused. Genre and Setting Scientific Fiction

-Although the story has historical references, the story focuses on an alien race's view of the human species.
-the story is set in the late 1970 through early 1971 in San Francisco. -Doris wrote the story as though it was a report from the aliens sent to earth to warn a city of impending disaster.
-The sub headings help to separate the different thoughts and stages from the mission.
-The story is written in third person limited. Although you know what the general population is thinking about, the narrator only knows this due to his ability to read minds. Style of Writing Characters, Symbols, Literary devices

The narrator is the only main character in this story.
-Its an alien from an unknown place, no other characteristics except his ability to change shape and form are portrayed.
-It gives a subjective view of the human race

* Because it is a report its a formal and very literal piece of writing, everything thats meant is directly stated in the text. By Doris Lessing Report on The Threatened City Themes -Humans as a race too inflexible to adapt.
-Also that humans just dont care. That they ignore
signs of impending death and continue as though nothing happened. Themes Style of Writing Doris Lessing wrote the poem as though
it was a report sent to earth by an alien race
to warn them of impending disaster. So, the style
of writing is formal.
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