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War On Terrism

The ways people are fighting the terrism around the world

Lindsey Womack

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of War On Terrism

Summer olympic games intl coalilition (alliance)-
to fight war on terrorism: Canada, China, Great Britain, Pakistan, Russia and many others- share intelligence information, arrest of terrorists withing borders, and seize finalcial assets of terrorist groups Terrorism- the calculated use of, or threatened use of, violence against individuals or property for the purpose of imtimidatin or causing fear for political or social ends there are many motives for terrorists but terrorist driven by radical, religious motives began to emerge in the late 20th century. their goal is to eliminate the forces that they call evil. Most terrorist organizations originate from the middle east in conflict over land individuals, small groups and governments
have used terrorism to achieve political or
social goals Ireland For decades the Irish Republican Army engaged
in terrorist attacks against Britain because it opposed British contorl of northern Ireland. By 2001, however, the british and the IRA were peacefully
negotiating for the autonomy for northern Ireland Both Germany and Italy have suffered terrorist attacks by extreme left-wing and right-wing domestic groups.
In general, left-wing groups oppose capitalism, and right-wing groups support capitalism and oppose government regulation. In 2000, more terrorist attacks occurred in Latin America than in any other region of the world Terrorist activity was particularly heavy in colombia, a country where powerful narcotics organizations have frequently turned to violence. 9/11- 19 arab terrorists hijacted four airplanes from East coast airports.
the first plane crashed into the upper floors of the north tower of the world trade center
20 minutes later, the second plane crashed into the second tower
the third plane rammed into the southwest side of the pentagon in arlington, virginia, less than an hour after the attack on the twin towers
the passangers in the fouth plane prevented it from hitting the white house, which seemed to be it's destination Nine buildings in New york city's financial district completely or partially collapsed Antiterrorism law- on october 26, 2001, president bush signed into law an antiterrorism bill. the law allowed the government to:
detain foreigners suspected of terrorism for seven days withour charging them with a crime
tap all phones used by suspected and monitor their e-mail and Internet use.
make search warrants valid across states Civil unrest and regional wars were the root causes of terrorist activity in africa at the end of the 20th century. In an attack in 1993 on U.S. soldiers in somalia killed 18.
In 1998, bombings at the U.S. embassies in Kenya and tanzania left 301 dead and more than 5,000 people injured. the united states responded to these attacks with missile strikes on suspected terrorist facilities in afghanistan, and in the sudan where bin laden was based from 1991 to 1996 The problem of international terrorism first came to world attention in a shocking way during the 1972 Summer olympic games in munich, germany (then west germany). eight members of a palestinian terrorist group called the black september killed two israeli athletes and took nine others hostage. five of the terrorists, all the gostages, and a police officer were later killed in a gun battle. the attack became known as the munich massacre. the taliban controllen much of afghanistan. october 2001, u.s.a began bombing the taliban command centers, the base of osama bin laden's al-qaeda net work. the u.s. tried to make it clear to muslim nations that the that the antiterrorism campaign was not anti-islamic and that americas respected the religion of Islam. The anthrax threat- not long after september 11th, terrorism struck
america again, but in a different form. letters containing spores of a bacterium that causes the disease anthrax were sent to persons in the news media and to members of congress in washington, d.c. if anthrax in inhailed it becomes deadly, five people who came in contact with the letters died. this became a huge scare of the threat of the other biological or chemical weapons, such as the smallpox virus or the nerve gas sarin.
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