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1.03 Scientific Method

No description

gabriela cardenas

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of 1.03 Scientific Method

To collect my data and find out if my hypothesis is correct I will plant a total of nine sunflower seeds in my back yard. In order to determine if the type of sunlight affects the flowers growth I will place three seeds in the three different areas of light. The first group of seeds will be placed in complete sunlight, where as the second group will be placed in an area with half the sunlight, and the third in complete darkness. Within two weeks I will record the height of each flower and evaluate the results.
I predict that the half sun, will have the greatest impact of a plants growth. If the sun was too strong such as the full sun, the heat and temperature will dry out the flower. If the sun was not as powerful such as when growing in darkness, there will not be much benefit. Due to the fact that sunlight is a great factor in plan growth, it is important to know and understand which sunlight is best and why.
Independent variable: The sunflower seeds planted in different areas of sunlight.
Dependent variable: The height of the flower.
Controlled: number of plants, position of plants, and type of seeds.
Observe and research how sunlight is a major source for the development of plants, research the different temperatures of sun throughout day.
In this scenario, I will investigate if different types of sunlight (no sun, full sun, half sun,etc) can affect the growth of plants.
Part II: design own experiment
Sunny Flowers
In the second scenario, Katherine wants to investigate if the time of day a plant is watered affects the growth of the plant. She hypothesizes that a plant watered in the morning will grow faster than a plant watered at other times of the day.
Scenario 2
1.03 Scientific Method
scenario 2 & "sunny flowers"
Gabriela Cardenas
1) independent variable:
Time of day plant is watered
dependent variable:
Growth of plant
2) five controlled variables:
1. same type plants
2. same amount of sunlight
3. same type of dirt
4. same type of water
5. same amount of water
During the experiment I will collect the data for all the plants, and create three graphs for the time span of the nine plants in order to compare each of them. I will also include the height of the plants to determine which plant grew the most in the time being.
Based on my data of this experiment, I will be able to determine if my hypothesis is correct. If the three plants that were planted in the half sunlight grew the most, my hypothesis would be valid. If my hypothesis was invalid i would conclude with background information including why or why not the plants were affected. In the end, I would conclude how and why my experiment is beneficial to future society.
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