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Go-Go Music and its African roots

No description

Sade Hale

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Go-Go Music and its African roots

Although the go-go genre was created in Washington, DC, it has strong traditional and modern African musical characteristics.

What is go-go?
A musical genre
Syncopated rhythm
Heavy percussion instrumental
Call and reponse vocals

Similar characteristics
Heavy percussion instrumental
Call and Response vocals

Call and Response in Traditional African Music
Very commonly found in traditional and modern African music
Can be done by both singers and instruments
Community performance
Passed from African slaves to African American culture today
Go-Go Music and its African roots
The history of go-go
Originated in Washington, DC in the 1970’s
“The Godfather of Go-Go”: Chuck Brown
Peaked in 1980’s
Popular bands: Rare Essence, EU aka Experience Unlimited, and Trouble Funk

Example of Percussion Instruments in modern African music
Percussion Instruments in African Music
Shakers and Rattles
Thumb pianos

Percussion Instruments in Go-Go
Base Drums
Snare Drums

Example of Percussion in Go-Go
Karolina by Awilo Longomba

Example of Call and Response in modern African music
Kukere by Iyanya
Overnight Scenario by Rare Essence
The Party Roll By Chuck Brown
Example of Call and Response in Go-Go
Importance of Music in the Traditional African Worldview
Integral part of everyday life
Music has purpose
Form of communication
Traditional African worldview and musical styles has impacted American music.

The go-go sound is deeply rooted and shares important musical characteristics with traditonal and modern African music
Strong use of percussion instruments
Call and response
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