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Design with Clients in Mind

A Presentation on Branding for Advanced Digital Media

Jessica Tran

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Design with Clients in Mind

Design with Clients in Mind
Things to Consider
What is the client selling?

Who are they selling their product to?
-Target Audience:
-Age Demographic
-Class Demographic

What makes their product better or different from the competition?

Is there colors or symbols already associated with this product that you should stray away from copying, even accidentally?
When Designing Brands
Lewis & Frank
Getting Started...
Graphic Designers and Illustrators often take on clients that seek to create a brand, or even re-branding, to better the their product

What do you think of when you hear the term
Pepsi - Old Logo vs New
Your Task: Branding a New Business
As we learn about branding, you will try your hand at branding a business in a different way.

You will not be creating a brochure or a poster to tell about how great the product is...

You will be designing a truck.

Specifically, a food truck.
Looking at Logos
A Logo is simply defined as a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.
The Truck
What are the visual differences?
How do you feel that impacts potential buyers?
Logos can be as complex as small detailed images or as simple as the name of the company with a certain color scheme.
The purpose of a logo is to have the company known or recognized just by glancing at the logo.
Color Scheme - What does it say about the company or the product?

Typeface - Serif vs San Serif - What has the right feel?
-Custom Text

Images and Symbolism
The Clients
Carrina has dreamt of opening her own restaurant, but wants to serve a greater range of customers than a stand alone restaurant. Her focus is on fresh, light, and cheap latin american food to the region.

Her request: Create a lively and brightly colored branding. She does not yet have a name, so she leaves that creative choice to you!
Marcellus and Grace
Design a full wrap for this model of Food Truck.

Both .psd and .ai files are available to download through the class website.

You may use Photoshop or Illustrator to create the wrap design.

Final image should be 8"x11" and saved as either a .jpg of at least 200 dpi
Go to the class website: www.wittybrush.com
Under Contact, there is a new form!

Submit the form with your name and which client you wish to design a truck for. If you wish to change your client after you have submitted the form, please let me know!
These two friends are looking for a creative mind to help showcase their American grill style food truck idea. Lewis is the guy behind the grill, while Frank is the business-minded one that just wants the truck business to thrive.

Lewis' Requirements: Focuses on showing off the best of grilling and all that goes with it.

Frank's Requirements: Business needs a catchy name, but avoids things like alliteration.
Always a bit out there and on the wilder side, Jerry has the dream of traveling the continent in his truck to serve unorthodox takes on dim sum and street foods from Asia.

Jerry's Requirements: Needs to be visually exciting and possibly have a mascot or image-based logo for branding. Name is up to you!
Always the health-conscious cook, Laura is looking for a branding to showcase her fun and fanciful culinary creations. She focuses on vegetarian street food and health drinks.

Laura's Requirements: Branding should focus on light and fun aspects of food. She requests that some aspect of vegetarian or healthy eating be a part of the branding somehow. Name is up to the designer, but she would like something quirky and cute.
This couple has dreamed of travel and of owning a cafe, and the food truck was the best of both worlds to them. They focus on creating superior coffees and teas while serving fresh pastries and sandwiches.

Marcellus' Requirement: Design should have at least one image representation of something they serve.

Grace's Requirement: Colors should be comforting and relaxing.
Download the truck base and create your design!
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