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The Most Dangerous Game

BY: Maxwell Xie, Sahar Sedaghat, Madelaine Smith, and Hayden Trice

madelaine smith

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game Author: Richard Connell

Presentation By: Hayden Trice, Maxwell Xie, Madelaine Smith, and Sahar Sedaghat

Period: 3 The exposition of this story was a mysterious island which sailors fear passing. This island is filled with all sorts of predators and prey. The setting is one of if not the most important role in the story. Plot line The climax of the book is when Zaroff starts showing Rainsford how he hunts. Then he says he wants to actually hunt and try to kill Rainsford by setting up a little game. He gives Rainsford time to run away and hide, but then chases off after him. Climax Point of View the story is told by a separate narrator, examples being "Rainsford knew he could do one of two things" and "two slight annoyances kept him from perfect enjoyment". these are told from an all knowing source therefore being third person omniscient point of view. How: At the beginning of the story, the author makes it clear Rainsford's feelings towards hunting animals. His conversation with Whitney on the yacht reveals his lack feelings about hunting big game.

What: After Rainsford falls overboard and swims to General Zaroff's island, Zaroff exhibits the same kind of callousness toward his favorite prey. But in his case his game is humans.

So What: it is through this that the reader is forced to see primarily the cruelty and harshness of the reality, that humans pose towards those they feel superior to. Theme Conflict One conflict is man vs. man, where Zaroff is hunting Rainsford for game. another is man vs. society, where Rainsford could choose to ignore humanity and join general Rainsford in hunting humans. Setting the setting of "most dangerous game" takes place in an island in the Caribbean sea. It takes place shortly after World War 2. some of the story takes place in a mansion and some in the dense jungle of the island. The effect is that by juxtaposing the murderous hunting game against the seemingly "civilized" man (Zaroff), the pursuit appears barbarous and evil. Figurative Language Once the game starts, Rainsford runs for his life. Even though he had time to run away, he quickly gets caught by Zaroff. Since it was so early Zaroff let Rainsford have one more chance to live. Eventually, Rainsford gets good at hiding and keeps away from Zaroff for the rest of the hunt. This was the falling action in the short story. Falling Action and Resolution Irony-"We do our best to preserve the amenities of civilization here."-Pg.18 Zaroff says that when he's hunting men for sport Foreshadowing-"This place has a reputation - a bad one"-Pg.14 This place is a really dangerous island Personification-"…a sharp hunger was picking at him"-Pg.15 hunger as someone that picks Question 1 Metaphor-"the night would be my eyelids"-Pg.14 compsres night to eyelids Who was Rainsford talking to when he was on the ship? A-Zaroff
D-Nielsen What animal does Rainsford think is the most dangerous to hunt? Question 2 A-Moose
D-Elephant Rainsford killed Zeroff at the End of the Story Question 3 True/False 1 B-Whitney
2 C-Buffalo
3 False
4 True
5 B- he swam toward the shots fired after he fell in
6 False
7 True
8 True
9 D- Listening to gunshots
10 B-Men Rainsford ran for 2 hours when the game first started Question 4 The resolution of The Most Dangerous Game, happened at the end of the story towards the end of Rainsford and Zaroff's hunt. Zaroff finally caught Rainsford and chased him to a cliff. Then at last resort, Rainsford decided to jump off the cliff and into the abyss. After Zaroff seemed statisfied with his apparent kill, he started his way home. However, somehow Rainsford survived the drop and beat Zaroff to his home. When Zaroff arivied, Rainsford was waiting for him and killed him. Then, Rainsford had a good night's sleep in Zaroff's bed. Whitney: Only appeared at the very beginning of the novel. Was Rainsford's hunting partner and sail mate. He was an indirect character in the book because you had to personally infer his characteristics and personality
Rainsford: Was the main character for the entirety of The Most Dangerous Game. He is also the protagonist of the short story. Is very curious and loves hunting. Rainsford gets trapped on an eerie island and is forced by General Zaroff to hunt him. He is an indirect character.
Ivan: Is Zaroff's helper and companion for hunting. He is a very burly man with a long black beard. This was an indirect chacter in the story.
Zaroff: Is the antagonist of Rainsford in the book. Is described in the book as a,"slender man with a cultivted voice marked by a slight accent". In my opinion he is a little," Mentally insane", this is because his starts wanting hunt humans including Rainsford. Characters The End A-he saw a campfire so he swam there
B-He fell off the ship and heard he shots fired and swam towards it
C-he wanted to see the island
D-He wanted to see who was shooting the bullets Question 5 Rainford fell off the ship because of a huge wave Question 6 Ivan Died Question 7 Answers Zeroff thought that Rainford died when he jumped into the sea Question 8 True/False True/False What was the last thing Rainford did before he fell into the sea? Question 9 What type of animal does Zeroff want to hunt? Question 10 A-watching the night sky
B-talking to his friend
C-Relaxing in a steamer chair
D-Listening to gunshots A-Children
D-Woman The rising action in The Most Dangerous Game is when Rainsford finds a man on the island named General Zaroff. Zaroff takes Rainsford into his shelter and talks about his adventures and hunts on the island. he also talks to Rainford about what creature he now hunts to stay exsited. rising action True/False True/False Simile/Imagery/Personification-An apprehensive night crawled slowly by like a wounded snake.-Pg.25 Simile-The sea was as flat as a plated-glass window-Pg.14 compares the sea to a window compares night to a snake/lets you feel how slowly time was traveling/night doesn't crawl Why did Rainford end up on that island
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