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A Problem

No description

Abel Desoto

on 14 July 2016

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Transcript of A Problem

A Problem
Plot Diagram
I would recommend this story to those who like stories that a have a plot twist at the end.
Literary Terms
: a central message or insight to life revealed through a story
: Not everyone will change their ways when given the opportunity.
: When something is expected to happen but instead something completely different happens
: "And it's not in my character to bring myself to commit a crime.""Now I see that I am a criminal;yes, I am a criminal."
: The use in a literary works of clues that suggests events that have yet to occur,
: "As far as I am concerned, I have no faith whatever in his reforming!"
Questions and Answers (Part 1)
Why do you think most of the relatives don't want to help Sasha?
-Most of the relatives don't want to help Sasha because they don't want to ruin the family name, they want to teach him a lesson.
Why do you think Sasha wrote a note he knew he could not honor?
-Sasha wrote the note because he saw that his friends were doing it and he thought he could get away with it.
Questions and Answers (Part 2)
Do you think Uncle Ivan's attitude helps or harms Sasha?
-Ivan's attitude harms Sasha because everyone, except Ivan, has realized that Sasha is a criminal.
Why does Sasha need help?
Sasha needs help because he wrote a note and now he can't pay it off.
How does Uncle Ivan convince the other uncles to help Sasha?
Uncle Ivan convinced the other uncles to help Sasha by saying that Sasha had no education, and he had no parents to teach him right from wrong.
by Anton Chekhov
Summary Sentence
Abel Desoto
Ashley Celestino

Sasha forges a note to get a loan, but once it's time to pay back the money, he doesn't have any, so he gets caught, and his uncles don't know whether he will be convicted as a criminal or be set free.
Making good progress! ~ Ms. T
Audience Participation
If somebody close to you was constantly in debt, would you help them pay it off or let them handle it on their own?
Current Research
Works Cited
Up to 69% of inmates in local jails did not complete high school. The number of inmates without a high school diploma is increasing over time. Dropping out of school doesn't always lead to a life of crime, but those who do are more likely to be arrested.
"Crime Rates Linked To Educational Attainment, New Alliance
Report Finds." Alliance For Excellent Education
Crime Rates Linked To Educational Attainment New Alliance
Report Finds Comments. N.p., 12 Sept. 13. Web. 07 July 2016.

Prentice Hall Literature. Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2000. Print.

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