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Poaching Presentation

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keith Au-yeung

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Poaching Presentation

What is poaching?

First, poachers kill animals like rhinos and elephants

Special items like their skulls or ivory are
sold to the illegal markets

Poaching is a high sophisticated trade

It is globally based, the animals are sold all over the world

How does poaching work?
Driving species to extinction
The rangers who defend the animals are not well equipped to fight against the poachers, who have night vision scopes, hi-tech weapons, helicopters and some are ex-soldiers
Two rangers killed a week trying to
protect animals

Why is poaching a problem?
Poaching consequences are being fined or being sent to prison

The consequences are the food chain decreases and one day we might think rhinos are mythical creatures

What are the consequences from
Some poachers poach because they are unemployed and need to make money
If they had other jobs then they wouldn't need to poach

Why do people poach?

By: Keith

It dates back to the Middle Ages, when the
first laws were enacted to prohibit the act

The illegal wildlife trade generates around 20 billion US dollars annually

Big Inquiry Question:HOW DOES POACHING
With the money from poaching, poachers can buy weapons to commit terrorist attacks
Africa's ecosystems suffering because of the decrease in elephant numbers
The most obvious thing that happens if you don’t care about stopping poaching is, the species will extinct
Why should I care about stopping poaching?
Don't buy products made from species that are endangered like furs or traditional Asian medicines

You could urge your government to not to support The International Trade in Endangered Species

How can I stop poaching
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