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Product Design Gcse

outline of the aqa course for gcse

emma bushell

on 18 January 2017

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Transcript of Product Design Gcse

AQA 2 YEAR COURSE One text Book 1st year
3 topics of study will be Topic 1
Design and Market
influences Topic 2
Processes and
Manufacturing Topic 3
Materials and
Components How products have evolved Designers and Design Movements Phillip Starck 1960s Mary Quant The birth of the Designer Label & The growth of Youth Culture And the impact of this on Design Art Nouveau
Bauhaus Art Deco Looking at how products are designed to meet the needs and wants of different people. Learn what compromises designers make in regards to style, materials and manufacturing process, as well as looking at the ethical and sustainable issues. Meeting consumer needs
Design in practice
Human Factors
Global responsibility Product Manufacture
The use of ICT in Production
Manufacturing Processes.
Properties of Materials
Manipulating and combining Materials Identify needs Non- renewable Renewable resources HISTORY SCIENCE CAD/CAM SMART MATERIALS How plastics are recycled and
turned into drinks bottles I then used a tenon saw to saw the wood down to the line which I drew. I drew a line exactly half way down the wood length ways. Using a tri-square, pencil and ruler. Then I used a ruler, pencil and tri-square to draw on measurements so I knew where I need to saw. I sanded down the edges to make them smooth. This left me with two equal pieces of wood 15cm in height, 4cm in width and 2cm in depth. I then used a band saw machine to saw the pine wood in half length ways. I used a piece of pine wood which was 15cm in height, 8cm in width and 2cm in depth. T-halving Joints Research into Material areas such as
wood, plastic, paper and card You will also take part in small design projects
as part of a group as well as on your own, this helps you to understand how your coursework will be set out. Product analysis Business studies and ICT @ the end of each topic you have an unit test so that we can personalize your revision in order to understand your strengths and weaknesses In your second year You will be given your controlled assessment task which is 45 hours of supervised coursework, completed in lesson time. Which is worth 60% You will apply all your knowledge from year 1 to design and make an innovative Product to a high standard. Theoretical Knowledge:
Paper/Card plus at least one other material
Design issues such as sustainability, packaging, human factors etc.
Manufacturing – both school based and commercial methods
Designing and making skills:
Drawing and modelling skills
Analytical skills
ICT skills
Hand, machine and CAM production methods Exam in may worth 40 % You will have 2 mock exams over the 2 years Career Paths -Engineer- Architect-Fashion Designer-Product designer-Interior Design- Packaging Designer-
Graphic Design - Everything in this room needed a designer to create it........

Designers are very important in the world....... Work by Joanna Zhang year 11 Ask Questionnaires
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