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TEMPLATE - Blue sky 3D

Available at Prezzip.com

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Transcript of TEMPLATE - Blue sky 3D

Need some space to tell your story?
a photo realistic prezi
This prezi template comes with a blue sky 3D background, together with some perfectly isolated clouds. Enough to blow your audience away.
Use the sky as your placeholder.
Insert your own pictures, place the clouds on top.
Result, a stunning 3D effect.
When inserting graphics, use transparent PNG files for the best result in your prezi.
sample image
But wait... There's more to explore in this prezi.
How about some night vision?
It's the second 3D layer in this prezi.
Just zoom to enter this next level in your presentation.
Thank you for watching this prezi.
Blue sky 3D prezi template. Perfectly isolated clouds and a 3D sky background. Enough to blow your audience away.
This prezi and many more inspiration:
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