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Checkouts by Cynthia Rylant

No description

Allison Schoppe

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Checkouts by Cynthia Rylant

Checkouts By Cynthia Rylant Eyes: Ears: Mouth: Head: Heart: Hands: Left Foot: Right Foot: Plot Diagram: She sees the beveled glass in her house and the photographs from Cincinnati, "They moved her to Cincinnati, where for a month she spent the greater part of every day in a room full of beveled glass windows, sifting through photographs of the life she’d lived and left behind." (Rylant 82) She heard her parents telling her about moving to Cincinnati. "You'll love the house, they said. You'll be lonely at first, they admitted, but you're so nice you'll make friends fast." (Rylant 82) She told her parents that she was willing to grocery shop for them. "She never told her parents how much she loved grocery shopping, only that she was "willing" to do it." (Rylant 82) She fell in love with the bag boy from the supermarket. "Then one day the bag boy dropped her jar of mayonnaise and that is how she fell in love." (Rylant 83) She creates the feeling of calmness and happiness by going to the supermarket. "Like a Tibetan monk in solitary meditation, she calmed to a point of deep, deep happiness; this feeling came to her reliably, if strangely, only in the supermarket. (Rylant 83) She believed that she should not be moving. "And as an impulse tore at her to lie on the floor, to hold to their ankles and tell them she felt she was dying, to offer anything, anything at all, so they might allow her to finish growing up in the town of her childhood." She is going to Cincinnati. "Her parents moved her to Cincinnati, to a large house with beveled glass windows and several porches and the history her mother liked to emphasize." (Rylant 82) She came from being lonely and isolated inside of her room. "But it is difficult work, suffering, and in its own way a kind of art, and finally she didn't have the energy for it anymore, so she emerged from the beautiful house and fell in love with a bag boy at the supermarket." (Rylant 82) Exposition:
The setting is in Cincinnati, in a supermarket down the rode from her house. The main character was the redheaded girl, there was also the bag boy from the grocery store and her parents. She was upset because she had to move from the town she grew up in to Cincinnati. Rising Action: She keeps going to the supermarket and trying to live her new life in Cincinnati. She misses her life in her childhood town, but her parents believe since she is nice, she will make new friends soon. Resolution: The redhead and the bag boy ended up living different lives, and forgetting about the one time at the supermarket where they fell in love. They both decided to move on and start dating other people. They never told each other about how they felt. Climax: When she went to the supermarket one day, she met a bag boy, and when he dropped the mayonnaise jar, that's when she knew she had fallen in love. She kept coming back to the supermarket hoping to see the bag boy again, but it was weeks before they saw each other. Falling Action: When they finally met again at the supermarket, they didn't acknowledge each other and so they never told their feelings to one another. The redhead left the store not knowing what the bag boy felt. Theme Statement:
Everything doesn't work out the way you want it to. "And when they finally did meet up again, neither offered to the other that he, or she, had been the object of obsessive thought for weeks," (Rylant 84) "It is odd how we sometimes deny ourselves the very pleasure we have longed for and which is finally within our reach." (Rylant 84) "And the bag boy let her leave the store, pretending no notice of her." (Rylant 85) Figurative Language Quotes: "As fate would have it, her visits to the supermarket never coincided with his schedule to bag." -Hyperbole (Rylant 84) "That was enough to distract him, and when finally it was her groceries he was packing, she looked at him and smiled and he could respond only by busting her jar of mayonnaise on the floor, shards of glass and oozing cream decorating the area around his feet." -Onomatopoeia (Rylant 83)
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