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Student CM 380 Compliance Gaining

Persuasion Lectures

Patrice Oppliger

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Student CM 380 Compliance Gaining

Compliance Gaining
Influence of:
Goals: short term/long term
Level of intimacy/relationship
Levels of power
Primary Goals:
gain compliance
Secondary Goals:
Self-feeling (you will feel better about yourself)
Esteem (others will feel better about you)
Manipulation (deception/passive aggressive)
Health Communication
Framing: positively or negatively
Number of Exposures
One-sided vs. Two-sided argument

Combines theory and practice
Combines interpersonal and mass comm

Study of Health Comm
consequences of using specific strategies to gain compliance
Arousal: desire to avoid conflict
Resources: maintain relationships
Interaction (external): create a good impression
Identity (internal): maintain personal morals
Keller & Lehman article:
Designing Effective Health Communications (p. 118-119)
Argument Strength
Source Credibility
Vividness vs. Abstract Arguments
Fear: low to moderate to high
Physical vs. Social Consequences
Referencing: effect on self vs. others
Compliance Gaining in
*Growing field
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