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Gufron Arif Wibowo

on 15 May 2014

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Rose A. Konadu
CompStat is short for COMPstat STATistic or COMParative STATistic.
What is CompStat?
A multi-layered dynamic approach to crime reduction, quality of life improvement, and personnel and resource management.
Originated in the NYPD
Compstat Origin
Original name was Charts of the future, created by Jack Maple.
Tracked crimes through pins stuck in maps.
Credited with cutting subway crime by 27 percent.
Used as a comprehensive, city-wide database that records all reported crimes or complaints, arrests, and summonses issued in each of the city’s precincts.
The system is also in use in other major cities including Los Angeles, Austin, San Juan, San Francisco, and Baltimore. In Canada the CompStat system is currently in use by the Vancouver Police Department.
A Software?
It is an organizational management tool for police departments.
Not a software program itself
Relies on software tools like MapInfo geographic information system, database collection system
MapInfo GIS visualize, question, analyze, interpret, and understand CompStat data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends.
accuracy, timeliness, availability, visibility, completeness, dissemination
Relevance of CompStat
Commanders are held directly accountable for reducing crime in their area of command.
Access to specific times and locations of crimes and enforcement activities which is analyzed to produce weekly Compstat report
Serious crime dropped by 25%, homicides also 44% during the 27 month tenure of Bratton

Over all crime has dropped by 69% in the last 12 year in NYC

Argument that crime reduction cannot be attributed to crime reduction
CompStat and Crime Reduction
A great idea that has been corrupted by human nature.
Any means to keep crime records as low as possible.
1. What management, organizational, and technology factors make CompStat effective?
2. Can police departments effectively combat crime without the CompStat system? Explain your answer.
3.Why would officers misreport certain data to CompStat? What should be done about the misreporting of data? How can it be detected?
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