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Full Tilt

8th Grade Summer Reading Project

Melody Sze

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Full Tilt

Full Tilt
Prezi Presentation by: Melody Sze
Written by: Neal Shusterman
Time: Midnight - Dawn (6am)
Place: An old quarry at 10 Hawkins Road.
This is where a phantom amusement park is
Era: Present time
Mood: Frightening, Scary, and Adventurous
Main Characters and Their Conflicts:
This book is set in his point of view.
Although Blake is only sixteen he is already on his way to college the next year.
He has a thirteen year old brother and his parents are divorced.
His mother is constantly dating someone new but recently got engaged.
He always gets good grades and has his entire future planned out.
Blake's Conflicts
Man vs. Himself
Blake was unable to let go of the traumatizing bus incident that occurred when he was seven.
Man vs. Man
Cassandra forces him to ride seven roller coasters and face his fears or die.
Quinn is Blake's thirteen year old brother.
He's the complete opposite of his straight A brother, instead he's all piercings and adventure.
Quinn's Conflicts
Man vs. Himself
Quinn struggles with insecurities and low self esteem.
He feels that his mother and brother don't respect him because on his crazy personality.
Cassandra is the spirit of the phantom carnival.
She runs the carnival and lures other kids into her amusement park to steals their souls.
Cassandra's Conflicts
She is overconfident but this all changes when she brings Blake to her amusement park.
Man vs. Himself/Herself
She's afraid that Blake may be the first person to survive all seven rides and make it out in time.
Blake, Quinn, and two other friends go to Six Flags
While there a mysterious girl has Blake play a ball toss game.
He wins a stuffed bear with red eyes and a yellow jersey with a pocket sewn on it.
In the pocket Blake finds a card with a strange red symbol.
The card read:
An invitation to ride
10 Hawkings Road
Midnight to Dawn
Quinn took this invitation and went to the phantom carnival by himself.
Blake and his two friends set out to try to rescue him.
But when they arrive they must survive seven rides before dawn or die.
Main Conflict
Throughout the whole book Blake tries to erase an accident that occurred when he was seven.
When he was seven his school bus fell off a cliff and he was the only survivor.
Main Conflict Resolution
This conflict was resolved when Blake faced the choice of leaving his friends and his brother to die or face another fear.
Choosing to face another fear Cassandra sends him back in the bus where he has to fight against his fear.
After nine years his mind warped his memory of the incident causing him to plummet off the cliff with the bus.
Eventually he realized that Cassandra wasn't there to witness what really happened that day.
He overcomes Cassandra and his fear resulting to his friends and his brother being released from the phantom carnival.
Cassandra's spirit also dies because she now has a expierenced fear and loss.
With her dies the phantom amusement park and Blake's fear of buses.
The tone is very serious because the characters are trying to survive seven rides and get out before dawn .
"The rules have changed, We've got to accept it and learn to deal with things the way they are now."
"Either we make all the right moves, or we drown."
This quote describes the tone because the characters realize that things aren't in their control anymore.
They realize that Cassandra controls this place and this is a race against time.
and your own mind
"Who am I? The sum of your dreams; the thrills you refuse to grasp; the unknown you fear."
"If this amusement park were flesh, then you could say I'm its soul."
This quote illustrates the character Cassandra.
"You came here to save me from this place, didn't you? But who said I want to be saved this time?"
This quote illustrates the character Quinn.
It tells the readers who Cassandra is and tells them that she isn't just an innocent teenager.
She is the definition of fear and wherever she goes, chaos follows.
It lets the readers understand Quinn better and realize that he's depressed and he tries to forget by being reckless and adventurous.
In this novel the main theme was
Don't always dwell on the past and have a positive look for the future
I choose this theme because througout the whole book Blake keeps on thinking about the accident that occurred when he was seven.
Personal Response
This book made me feel that I should be more open about people's beliefs and style
I didn't have any connections to the novel concerning my life.
A message that I got overall from this book is to not judge anyone without getting to know them first.
and be careful about what you say because you never know if you hurt their feelings.
Plus you never know, they may not be back the next day for you to say sorry.
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